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Archivist 01-29-2009 08:07 PM

Technical Hook-up Question

I need some help that maybe some audiophiles have already accomplished (I've seen some referrences, though nothing indicating how to actually wire the system):

A) I am currently building a dedicated HT with In-wall (I know... but space prohibits) B&W speakers in 5.1 and/or 7.1 (at least wired) but would like to integrate my older McIntosh Stereo PreAmp/Amp system and turntable into a true stereo or 2.1 system for music (my current Receiver and most HT Pre's don't have MM/MC Phono inputs today).

1) Is there a way to reasonably utilize the McIntosh Stereo System with my Marantz Receiver for HT (or equivalent Pre) operating as a PrePro with Parasound Amps (1 HCA 1500A (200x2) & 1 HCA 2205A (200x5) channel)?

2) What would be the the best way to wire such a system so that feedback (ground loop/ohm leakage) or wiring issues would not occur?

3) Would it be better to remove the McIntosh Amp (lower power 50W/Channel - Original Series Transistor/Autoformer) and couple the McIntosh PreAmp to the Parasound?

Thanks in advance, suggestions welcomed, I'd love to have two separate rooms, but my budget/age/WAF just won't allow that. My guess is that we will watch Movies perhaps 60/40 or 70/30 over my old classical music library, but if it sounds great - well...


margaret10200 10-24-2011 12:24 AM

Re: Technical Hook-up Question
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