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oddiophile 07-14-2007 08:01 AM

Anyone know what's going on at Lexicon?

Lexicon has not had a true overhaul of their flagship digital controller line sine the advent of the MC-12 and MC-12B six years ago (I don't count the MC-12HD which simply gave us a few upgrades to the video end with the addition of HDMI 1.1 connections. It would be nice to know that its plans are in general for a new flagship processor, what features there are likely to be and a rough time frame when it is like to come out, etc.

There has been nary a peep out of them for over a year. Anyone know or can find out what is going on? I hope that they are not ceasing operations as they do make wonderful equipment.

Thanks in advance for anything concrete anyone can find out from them.


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