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Default Re: What is better, LCD or Plasma?

Originally Posted by JazzGuyy View Post
Plasmas do not contribute enormous amounts of heat to a room unless you have poor or no air circulation..
Yes they do.

I have a new home with excellent ventilation and the plasma screen increases the room temperature several degrees.
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Default Re: What is better, LCD or Plasma?

I have two LCD HDTV's --a Sony 40" and a Samsung LED/ LCD 55". I also have a Pioneer Elite 60" plasma.

Most of the energy usage edge on current LCD's and plasma's goes to LCD's. Often not by much and sometimes but over 100 watts. But if a 100 watt light bulb causes heat problems in your room, you definitley have ventilation problems. Many people have powerful amps and receivers in the same rooms, which crank out far more wattage.

If you are buying a Prius to save money on gas costs, don't expect it to have the handling and accelerating perfformance of many similarly priced cars.

When I shop for an HDTV I am definitely shopping for performance.

I definitely prefer the Pioneer plasma over the other two LCD and LED/ LCD sets. But the Samsung is an excellent set, which just a couple of flaws that become apparent on certain passages.

These days the plasma models from Panasonic are almost at the same level as the Pioneers and the large 50" and higher plasmas are usually considerably cheaper.

Sadly, most showrooms are terribl;e places to jusge HDTV's, as the lighting is usually far brighter than anyone ever watches tv at. This is beneficial to LCD's as they can be turned up very bright, even though you would never want to watch the tv at those levels at home.

As is the case in everything in life, your budget often plays a huge role in what you buy.

I could be wrong on this, but if you or others in your family play hours of video games, I would likely go with LCD's.

If you are an extreme videophile I would still buy a Pioneer or one of the better-new THX Panasonic plasma's. But there is much to be said of the expensive Samsung LED backlit and edgelit LCD's. Same is true of Sony and some of the smaller sized Panasonics (in both LCD and plasma).

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Default Re: What is better, LCD or Plasma?

Originally Posted by sykdibnd View Post
I also think the Blacks look better
There should be no question that the blacks are darker with a plasma TV. Darker than what will exist in a Movie theater even. For me I weighed a couple of things on this particular point. How much video do I watch with extreme darkness? For me I concluded not much. How much darkness is there in the programs I watch? Again for me not much, maybe 10% to a high of 20% probably because I watch a lot of sports, news and other programming that tends to be well lit. There are exceptions, of course, like The Cleaner which has a lot of dark scenes.

On the flip side, the reflections that plasmas give off in a well lit room is a deal killer for me. I was in hopes that the Panasonics with the anti-reflective coatings would do it, but my ex partner in my A/V business has one and sadly it was better, but not a winner. Also I use my LCD as a computer monitor and no matter what people tell you about plasmas burn in not being a problem, it still exists in extreme static display use. The Taskbar of Windows and the window outlines are such extreme examples. If my display was going to be used as strictly a HDTV or even gaming I honestly don't think the burn in would be a problem, but that is not the case for me.
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Default Re: What is better, LCD or Plasma?

I have a plasma and also live in Phoenix. I don't understand the "heat" thing. It never runs very hot, especially to pick a LCD over it because of the heat.
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Default Re: What is better, LCD or Plasma?

Your choice on LCD or plasma mostly depends on your budget, screen size, and how bright the room is which you usually watch TV.

Generally at 50" and higher you get better value/performance with plasma.

Both types perform fine with a light on for reading. Usually LCD performs better with bright sunlight glaring into the room and TV, but that isn't always true. Many plasma screens are less garing than LCD screens and vice versa.

The best LED/LCD screens are approaching the best Pioneer and Panasonic plasma displays, but they aren't quite there yet. But most people who aren't avid videophiles would be satisfied with the expensive LED/LCD models from Samsung and Sony. But even slightly prefers the older Pioneer Kuro's and some of the newer Panasonic plasma models.

This preference for the best plasma's generally runs through all the best printed and online audio/videophile magazines. Obviously you will find loads of "fanboys" that love whatever HDTV they have (or want), but they haven't been measured and calibrated to the levels that most professiional reviewers do.

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Default Re: What is better, LCD or Plasma?

very simple question depend on your watching distance,if you are watching longer than 5 meters ,choose Plasma ,it is suitable for large space,but attention one point , could play games more than 3 hours using Plasma.
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