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JerryDelColliano 09-18-2007 05:12 PM

Pioneer Kuro Plamsa HDTVs
I got a tour of these products at CEDIA and they looked hot.

I would put them up there with Runco, Hitachi's 1080p stuff, Panasonic Pro and some of the better Sony LCDs - as the best in flat HDTVs.

Even in less than perfect lighting, the blacks looked DEEP. In a light controled room using Blu-ray - the set looked even better. Really dynamic.

Have these sets made it to a store near you yet? Would you get the Elite version over the normal Pioneer brand?

kennyt 09-18-2007 06:28 PM

Re: Pioneer Kuro Plamsa HDTVs
I would and might soon.... The Elite is amazing and a great looking player box too! Not to mention doing 1080p/72 so no 3:2 pulldown!

JerryDelColliano 11-03-2007 01:53 PM

Re: Pioneer Kuro Plamsa HDTVs
Adrienne Maxwell has one in hand now.

We will have a review in a matter of a few days.

I think its slated for 12/1/07 release on

kennyt 11-03-2007 03:52 PM

Re: Pioneer Kuro Plamsa HDTVs
I tried to go look at them with a buddy who wants one at Sound Advice (Tweeter out here) and the guy pointed us towards last years and said 'it's the same glass, just higher resolution' I promptly corrected him and in Alan's words 'set the record for ****ing off a salesman!'

Idiot, he's supposed to be selling these??

JerryDelColliano 11-09-2007 05:36 PM

Re: Pioneer Kuro Plamsa HDTVs
Look at how much money Pioneer spends promoting a new technolgy and this numbnuts cant tell the difference between a 1080i and 1080p plasma.

He would be better off working at Burger King.

In fact, I could go for a Whopper right about now. I had the Lobster Cobb salad at Spago and I am about starved right now. I did TOO much talking at lunch. Needed to do some more EATING. Spago was great however. Wolfie was there being a PIMP and saying HI to every single table. Spago might be the best lunch spot I know of. Forget the IVY. Too many cameras there. My hookers always get upset when people take our picture when out to lunch

Robinson_A 11-09-2007 06:20 PM

Re: Pioneer Kuro Plamsa HDTVs
The Kuro is the only non 120Hz display that I would consider buying right now. The black levels are to die for and the colors are so punchy and life like that all other plasmas seem faded next to it. (And I'm not talking about a display set on Dynamic) When people talk about a display being more like a window to the event they're talking about the Kuro.

My favorite plasma by far.

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