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Jrflat 09-25-2010 07:54 AM

Headache from newer TV?
I currently have a 42 inch Samsung Plasma HP-S4233 that I purchased about 4 years ago that I beleive is a 1080i. In the spring I purchased a new TV, I wanted something bigger and better so I bought a 58 inch plasma. Well right after I got it set up in the room I started getting headaches from watching it and the longer I had it the more I realized that the TV was too big for the room and since I am only about 8-9 feet from the TV the closeness was giving me headaches. I ended up returning the TV figuring it was too big for the room and left it at that. Now I started to get the itch again and have been looking pretty heavily at 46 inch TVs over the last several weeks and last night I went out to Best Buy to start looking at them in person and I sat and watched a Samsung 46 inch 1080 120hz tv for a while looking at the picture and comparing it to the others and all of the sudden I felt the headache coming on again. I left the store and went home and felt better. Now I am wondering if it is not the size of the TV that bothers me but the movement, are these newer TVs going to move faster than my old one? I really do not want to buy another TV only to have to return it again. Has anyone else had this issue?

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