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Jaguar 11-06-2009 04:59 PM

samsung 4053 lcd backlight flashing/cycleing
Hi all, Hope there are some tech types out there to help w/ this problem. Really enjoy the set when its working but thats not too often. Does not have the normal "power on" problem that some of the samsungs have, but a prolem just the same. Comes on fine but the back light's are turning on and off 2-3 times a second. Sound is steady and the picture is in focus (staying on) but the backlights are just flashing. So its like the tv is turning on and off (but its not) its just the backlights make it look so. Pulled the back off and no "domed,shorted caps" and connections are secure from the hv transformer to the distribution panel. Most probably one of the switching fet's up against the heat sink that controls the transformer. Any takers on this problem? thanks in advance, Joe
ps if I unplug the set for a day or 2,,, it "Might" come on. And it stays on once its on. Just hard to get it to come on.

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