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rex 05-05-2009 09:39 AM

Plasma not dead yet, newer models thinner and lighter
Personally I have always preferred Panasonic for plasmas (and Samsung for LCDs); still it is clear that neither company is giving up yet on plasma technology. The new generation of plasmas will be thinner, lighter and more energy efficient than ever before:

Samsung announced this Sunday the full HD 850 PAVV, a 50” PDP (Plasma) “Finger Slim” with a thickness of just 29mm, as well as being 40% more power efficient that Samsung PDP previous Generation TVs and 20% lighter (26kg). Our 850 PAVV 50” PDP TV feature Samsung’s Full HD Crystal Engine, DLNA Support, “USB 2.0 Videos” giving you the possibility to watch DivX videos, photos, or play your MP3 directly from an external HDD or USB Thumb key to your TV. If 50” is not enough for you, Samsung also happen to have 58” model ready to ship for you. Unfortunately there are not much information on the 58” thickness, Samsung only state that this model is 50% slimmer than before and just weight 36kg.

Westcoaster 05-07-2009 02:44 PM

Re: Plasma not dead yet, newer models thinner and lighter
I hope you are right, I would like to get a Panny G10 in the 50 or 55" size for the living room! I'll have to check out the Sammy sets as well, they sound impressive...

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