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Plasma and LCD HDTV Talk about flat HDTVs here.

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Default Re: new tv for me!! help me decide!!

When you are shopping around ask the Sales person what they have at home. I was originally looking at LCD's but chose a Plasma as most of the guys I spoke with had plasmas. As for Screen glare how often do you really sit down in a bright room to watch TV? This is the only time a glare issue will really effect your veiwing. Also consider you will pay more for 120Hz - plasma motion blurr is not the issue like LCD. When viewing and comparing in stores consider most settings for brightness is usually set high. Burn in issue in plasmas is not what it once was. Take a DVD or Blue-ray with you & ask them to play it - or if a gamer maybe see if you can try a game - get them to turn on a sporting event (Baseball, hockey, basketball, Football, etc.) Go see a friends for reference . Also most cable & satillite HD broadcasts are only 1080i or 720p.

Hope this helps
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Default Re: new tv for me!! help me decide!!

Actually my TV viewing is done mostly in a bright room. Some people don't mind glare or get used to glare. Glare is a deal breaker for me.
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Default Re: new tv for me!! help me decide!!

This might also depend on your room. If you're from NY or NJ, there's a company called AV-Setup, they've been helpful for me. If you need more info, here's their web site:
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Default Re: new tv for me!! help me decide!!

Keep in mind that Plasma sets are power hogs....go to best buy and touch one and you will see the heat it generates.
As power bills go up, yours will too especially during summer as the set will make the AC run longer.
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Default Re: new tv for me!! help me decide!!

The LED Backlit LCD's are the rage right now. Super color definition and low cost use are two very important factors. Plasmas are great but do use a lot of power and heat up quite a bit. Prices on plasmas have really bottomed out suggesting their unpopularity, just my guess.
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Default Re: new tv for me!! help me decide!!

Most of the new plasmas use a lot less power than they once did. For instance one Samsung 50" model LCD uses 170 watts, while a new Panasonic 50" plasma uses 240 watts. That is a nominal difference and certainly undetectable in a room.

On the larger screens, from 50" and above, plasmas often have the price and performance advantage. Heck, there is still no HDTV made that is better then the 50" and 60" Pioneer Kuro's, although some Panny models are getting close. Almost every LCD screen requires that you sit close to dead center if you want to see a proper picture. That problem doesn't exist with plasma's. Hence, you can invite people over to view movies and sports with plasma's and your guests will also be able to view excellent quality pictures.

I own both a Pioneer 60" plasma and a Samsung 55" LED backlit LCD HDTV. Unless you are in a very bright room, both me and my wife prefer the plasma picture.

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