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Default Re: Anybody know why LCD's suffer from motion blur?

The human eye can perceive changes at 4ms (if I remember correctly). Most top-end LCDs have a response time of 4ms (Sharp claims 2ms). The problem is this time is from pixel on to pixel off (or more accurately pixel closed to pixel open). However, the pixel must close and reopen for the next color to be visualized. This means there is an 8ms time between open pixel to open again. Even with a 2ms listed response, you are viewing pixel changes at 4ms (which is perceivable.

Plasma does not suffer from these effects because the pixels do not have to close and reopen. The response time is 2ms from color to color. Imperceptible.

Plasma is the superior technology on all counts except in current draw and possible image retention.
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Default Cool LCD resource site

Have you guys seen this site yet? Pretty cool resource for LCD information. They have a few otthers in the video space too. for front projectors, one for Plasma and one for DLP. I don't think DLP HDTVs (rear projection is all that popular or commercially out there any more but its a good site anyway)
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Default Re: Anybody know why LCD's suffer from motion blur?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
According to an engineer at Panasonic. Plasma has a response time of 2ms. DLP is even faster. LCD is old technology with limitations. Also when a manufacture is rating response time is that full on full off or Grey to Grey?

IN my opinion Pioneer makes the best flat screen with Panasonic second. Most of the Panasonic Plasmas use a anti glare screen. IN my opinion unless you are in direct light brightness and glare are not issues. Plasma gives you the best color, contrast and is free from motion blur.
Panasonic plasma TV's have a response time of 0ms (as response times in plasma is rated in micro seconds not milliseconds). Who ever gave you that other information was misinformed.
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Default Re: Anybody know why LCD's suffer from motion blur?

A better, or at least in more depth, explanation is here: Motion Blur

I think the term motion blur is misapplied and should be termed pixel response blur myself.
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Default Re: Anybody know why LCD's suffer from motion blur?

Interesting. One extremely well known japanese manufacturer of LCDs, documents 16ms on up depending on the number of active ?pixels? on the screen. One of their best units during multiple scenes of the Blu-Ray Ironman makes the scene loose focus for a second or greater. They get away with the number by saying an average of 16ms every full frame. Of btw, this is a NEW movie feature of a sharper picture and you pay extra for it. Oh, if you notice it, they have a software update to turn off the sharp focusing.
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Default Re: Anybody know why LCD's suffer from motion blur?

I'm not sure what manufacturer you are talking about. 16ms is the time a 60 fps, or 60 Hz, screen refresh is for each frame. But the pixel response time is an independent value compared to refresh time. Here is a discussion on LCD pixel response: LCD Response Time Explained
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