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FloridaRandy 06-17-2008 07:17 AM

To Buy Online or Not i'm finally ready to purchase an hdtv...i've narrowed my search (see separate post) to two models and have looked both online and in local stores. WOW...what a difference in price. Even before sales tax the local stores are at least $500 more expenseive...after tax like close to $700.

I buy virtually everything else online and haven't had a bad experience, but this is a bigger ticket item so I'd like your help.

Have you purchased HDTV online? Are OEM warranties honored by manufacturer's? What to look out for? If you've had a particularily good experience I'd like to hear about it. If its not appropriate to list names here PM or email me.


Randy in Florida

kennyt 06-17-2008 07:50 AM

Re: To Buy Online or Not

Saw your other post, as for which TV is right, you need to decide, both are good, but the Sharp does 120 Hz, and to me this makes a difference,. but you will need to look at both with a good HD feed, preferable Blu-ray and decide if it matters to you enough to justify the price difference, to me it would.

For ordering TV's on line, sure, it's fine just check to make sure the place is selling you factory A stock US market goods, and you'll be OK, some manufacturers require them to be dealers to honor warrantee, so this is obviously the best. Years ago we all fret buying TV's (plasma LCD) through the mail, now I think we've learned that's BS, now if you are mounting it on the wall, you can always use Sound Advice for just the mounting if you wish.

TheMoose 06-17-2008 09:15 AM

Re: To Buy Online or Not
Look on the manufactures web site or call them to make sure they are a factory authorized dealer.
There are some extremely low prices on the web & they are places that are not factory authorized dealers, buy from one of these & you will not have a warranty!

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