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quikslvr750 01-10-2008 07:52 PM

Newbie here. ? about motion blur
Hello all. I've recently acquired my own place and now have the ability to dive into the great world of A/V. Now, I'm still rather green and have a long ways to go, but I've been lurking on the site for about a month or two now. Since my first major purchase will be a HDTV, that's where my main focus has lied. I've been trying to decide on the age old dilemma of LCD or PDP. For a while now, I've been deadset on the Sammy LNT-4681 thinking that, considering my viewing enviroment, that a LCD best fit my needs. But after recently spending a couple hours in my local BB, I'm now strongly considering a Panny or a Kuro/Kuro Elite. The model BB had on hand was the Sammy 71 series, and I was quite disappointed with the amount of motion blur this set had. I've seen the reviews on the 81 series, but I'm still concerned that even with the LED Motion Plus, I would still find the amount of motion blur unacceptable. Looking at the Panny and the Pioneer, I wasn't able to detect any motion blur. Do you guys have any thoughts and/or suggestions?

Sorry for drawing it out and thank you for your time.

kennyt 01-11-2008 04:54 AM

Re: Newbie here. ? about motion blur
The new LCD's with 120Hz panels and motion improvement technology are getting very close to plasmas, if you can swing the cost though, you won't beat the Pioneer Elite. The best TV made in my opinion right now. It ain't cheap, but it is sooooooo sweet!

glocksout 01-11-2008 11:28 AM

Re: Newbie here. ? about motion blur
Motion blur occurs because the liquid crystals have to "twist" open and closed. The best LCDs has a 2ms response time. This means from "open" to "closed," the crystal will have about 4ms. The image doesn't fully disappear until the pixel re-opens so you have about 6ms. There are different reports, but the eye can detect between 4 and 6 ms. This is where smearing occurs.

Plasma doesn't lag at all, it operates at the speed of electricity. This is why plasma doesn't have motion blur.

I'm sorry to say that 120Hz doesn't defeat motion blur, in fact most panels create 4 frames for every 1 frame shown instead of just showing the 1 frame 5 times. This helps hide the blur, but it's still there. Some people find the 120Hz image looks weird so they turn it off. I find it looks fine for video sources but I haven't had enough time with film sources and the XBR4 to make a decision there.

kennyt 01-11-2008 11:40 AM

Re: Newbie here. ? about motion blur
Motion flow is awesome and if you add in LED tech, in a few generations it will likely surpass plasma.

glocksout 01-11-2008 11:42 AM

Re: Newbie here. ? about motion blur
I've not heard good things about the LED LCDs. I trust they'll get better though.

kennyt 01-11-2008 11:52 AM

Re: Newbie here. ? about motion blur
Like any technology, it is early on but offers greta benefits, I suspect in a few generations it will rule the market, but maybe I am exaggerating...

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