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MrManuals 06-06-2007 10:04 PM

How come I can't ever find any independent reviews on the Vizio TV line? All I seem to see are reviews sponsored by Vizio itself. I would've considered buying one, but without any kind of non-sponsored review, not a chance.


AudioGuy2007 06-06-2007 10:44 PM

Re: Vizio
Although there is a vizio ad on this forum doesnt mean real users who have Vizio TV's cant comment on them. I have seen in person them before and although they have some flaws, I thought they looked pretty good overall. I dont own one so I cant give a full evaluation but anyone who wants to can chime in.

konut 06-07-2007 02:48 AM

Re: Vizio
Heres a review by CNET of the Vizio VX32L. I think they have reviews of other Visio displays. Theres also numerous threads at the AVScience Forum covering Vizio products by actual users. I own the VX32L and participate in this thread.
I would be willing to direct people, over there, to this forum if I see some participation by the sponsor, as support from Vizio, ahem, has been less than prompt. Having said that, I'm satisfied with the quality of the VX32l. For the money, you can't beat the feature set.

Robinson_A 06-07-2007 10:16 AM

Re: Vizio

Originally Posted by MrManuals (Post 426)
How come I can't ever find any independent reviews on the Vizio TV line? All I seem to see are reviews sponsored by Vizio itself. I would've considered buying one, but without any kind of non-sponsored review, not a chance.


Have you even seen a Vizio LCD or Plasma personally? Are you incapable of making your own decisions?

Allow me to set you straight on a few things. AVRev as well as myself have been supporters of Vizio for a while and long before they began running ads with us I might add. Our first Vizio review, which I did personally, was because I found one of their sets on a sale rack in the back of a MacMall in Santa Monica. I had heard nothing about Vizio nor did we have any intention of doing a Vizio review. That being said, we ran the review because it was a 42" HDTV for a grand, and a 42" HDTV anything for a grand is worth talking about. From there I wanted to see what else Vizio had to offer. At that point I contacted Vizio for a review sample of their 50" HDTV Plasma and the rest is history. The Vizio reviews have been positive because unlike other companies Vizio actually makes TV's that people want to buy and can honestly afford. No one, myself included, is saying that Vizio competes with the likes of Runco or whatever, but for what they are they are damn good and for what they cost it's easy to overlook certain flaws. Please note that these flaws are mentioned in EVERY review however, they are honestly weighed against the TV's overall performance and price.

Honestly, the fact that you would buy anything based solely on a review is ludicrous. Ultimately, a review is one writer's opinion about how a product speaks to them and their needs and how they feel it will do the same for other people. I get asked all the time about good cheap HDTV and frankly the words good and cheap really don't go together when talking about Plasma's or LCD's...unless you're talking about Vizio. Sure there are other brands, like Olevia and Westinghouse that make cheap HDTV's too, and I've viewed both, but pound for pound Vizio seems to be the king of inexpensive HDTV's at the moment.

Then again, that's just my opinion what do I know.

JerryDelColliano 06-07-2007 12:54 PM

Independant Reviews?
I gotta jump into this discussion here about biased reviews.

If what you are saying is that our reviews can't be trusted because we take ad dollars from Vizio - then why should we be in business? We don't charge readers for our content yet we pay the likes of Kevin Miller (No. 2 at the ISF) Mike Levy (former head tech at Vidikron) and Adrienne Maxwell (former managing editor at Home Theater Magazine) premium rates to write the reviews. We spend time sending the likes of Andrew Robinson, Bryan Southard and myself to ISF training sessions. I recently did a short course at the Runco event in Cabo just to keep my chops up - but to be clear I am NO professional calibrator. For that I fly Kevin Miller out.

The fact is - Vizio is the biggest story in video in the last 10 years. In three years they have gone from ZERO dollars in sales to 1 BILLION. They are likely to do 2 billion next year as they have opened even more new channels to sell flat HDTVs such as WalMart and Costco.

Most importantly, althought their margins threaten the ability of the traditional reseller to make a large profit margin, they are changing the way consumers thing about their chances of owning a flat HDTV. It wasn't 4 years ago when a 50 inch plasma cost $20,000. Today is is less than 10x the cost and it a better set.

In the end, Vizio makes the best affordable set on the market. It is bringing in MILLIONS of new consumers to the world of big-video based home theater which is truly exciting. The reason why the audiophile business ISN'T a business is because they are ALL SNOBS. Vizio is high powered, affordable HDTV for the masses. Because of this - they should be commended even by those that spend the extra money on Panasonic, Pioneer and even Runco.

Personally, I spent the extra money for a Panasonic Pro 50 inch plasma but ABSOLUTELY own a Vizio. I have seen them at Andrew's house and talked to Kevin about how good you can get them looking and I am confident about their performance.

Lastly, as for editorial credibility - I think it is safe to say we lead the pack. But don't just trust me (I still need to renew Vizio for ads for the fall) interact with our staff, other readers and spread the message everywhere. You will learn to see the Vizio value proposition is pretty damn strong.


JerryDelColliano 06-07-2007 12:56 PM

Re: Vizio
Ironically, as I type this - a Vizio ad pops up. :)

Please note: we target ads from our clients to specific sections of the site. Where would there be a more relevant ad for Vizio than on the Plasma section of the forum?


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