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Default Re: Vizio

I wanted to chime in on this as well. While I wouldn't conwsider the 50-inch Vizio plasma a reference quality panel I do think it is a great value. And I did do a non-biased review of that set some time ago at CNET as well. Check it out at
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Smile Re: Vizio

I own one of the Vizio VX32L. I enjoy it. Is it reference quality? No, but has a pleasing enough image. Who cares when you can pick up a decent 32" LCD for $599. I would definitely buy another one.
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Default Re: Vizio

Originally Posted by MrManuals View Post
How come I can't ever find any independent reviews on the Vizio TV line? All I seem to see are reviews sponsored by Vizio itself. I would've considered buying one, but without any kind of non-sponsored review, not a chance.

Hey Paul-
We represent VIZIO and the best places to find links to professional reviews of their TVs is to go to there are Reviews, News, Awards and even an archive that goes back to 2005.

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Exclamation Re: Vizio

Group, I haven't tried the Vizio, but alot of the panels display artifacts in the picture when connected to
a cable or dish type tuner when connected via the HDMI type connectors. I have been told that the issue is
support for VGA and an issue with overscan that displays a green line at the top and/or bottom and other nasty
items. Also, most non-prime time programming is either still 4x3 or run widescreen in a box.
Currently when dealing with HDTV (Olevia Syntax 37" LCD), I have skipped a paying per month and am currently pulling that
programming over the air using a Samsung HDTV tuner and a high-gain antenna. Since, I assume that I
am not alone, it would have also been nice to compare external HDTV tuner/antenna combos when evaluating
a TV/monitor. FYI, I run the RCA outs of the HDTV tuner into a Krell KRC-3 preamp, which would be nice if
I knew why makes a HDTV or external tuner with XLRs. Thus, buyer beware. This little system has the krell KSA 100s amp with rotating
sats of Infinity Modulus, Watts, and Revel Gems, with a SunFire Sub. My two cents..
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Post Re: Vizio

I know several people in Seattle who own Vizio HDTV's and they love them. I will contact them and see if they will post there reviews / thoughts for you.

In the mean time, I have seen the Vizio line on display and I'm not sure which impressed me more,the quality of the picture or the price.

I think Vizio may be taking the same approach as Sunfire. Their goal being to provide the best quality available at a price point more people can afford.

More often than not, you can make more selling more products at less money than you do selling a few products at a very high price.

For the record - I don't work for AR or for Vizio.

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Default Re: Vizio

I started reading several of the threads and decided to compete my registration and add some comments. I work for a broadcast facility and spend way too much time working with HD and SD content. In doing so, I have the opportunity to work with and view many different levels of monitors. I have a 32" Sharp Aquos in my office, with 3 new 40" Samsung LCDs, and dozens of smaller Marshal LCDs in my work area. As you can imagine, we go through a lot of monitors in this business. While I am not ISF trained I am very experienced at setting up all sizes and brands of monitors and tvs. Our engineers trust me to calibrate every new monitor we get. I also have a small home theater design and install business I do in my spare time. At home, I have a new 1080p front projector in my theater.
I have set up and calibrated three different Vizio monitors in the past 18 months. As many have already posted, these are not the "best" panels available and suffer slightly with a few performance issues. However, with a little calibration work you can make these panels look extremely watchable. Hard to beat for the money. My parents are building a new home and I am buying them a new flat panel house warming gift. The Vizios are currently at the top of my list simply because of their incredible value.
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