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Default Re: Are Plasma TV's On Their Way Out?

I don`t know if i like the fact that Pioneer will no longer be making their own displays. And I`m not completely sure about people purchasing high end video. I still think to some, a lot of this new technology, is new, different, even maybe a little scary to some.

And certainly, the format war did not help any indecision or confusion that already existed out there. So, I`m not entirely sure if its people are not willing to spend the big bucks. But, now since it seems we are in a recession phase, there will be a lot less spending now, anyway.
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Default Re: Are Plasma TV's On Their Way Out?

Hey too BLotus....LOL sorry couldn't resist! Anyway I think both formats are in serious trouble. I passed by the my local Sony store yesterday and had a look at the new 11" OLED TV....I was stunned by the picture was simply amazing and it was as in fact thinner than the screen of the new Apple Macbook Air! In fact has anyone seen the new Macbook Pro 17" Screen? 1920 x 1200 resolution! Stunning! However the new OLED screen is definitly the best I have ever seen! Once they start making these TV's in the larger sizes, LCD and Plasma are dead for sure!!!! I was watching a BlueRay DVD Demo (probably not true 1080P) and could see the flaws in the film....I had trouble discerning the individual pixel fact the picture was moving so fast that I could not see them up close from 2" away!

Woah! Even with lower resolution material there is less pixelization with this kind of blends things together to offer a more film like picture! I am quite certain that very soon down that video road we are in for 60" of visual treat!
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Default Samsung unveils 31" OLED display at CeBIT!

Samsung showcased 31" OLED prototype at the CeBIT in Hanover. These are expected to be in mass production by some time next year, possibly available for purchase in early 2010. Samsung didn't release the specs on this prototype; but displays are expected to have a contrast ratio of up to a million to one! (Super dark blacks and super bright whites.) And response times of less than a tenth of a millisecond. They are much thinner than LCD's (and use less energy) because they don't need a backlight (since they emit their own light). They also had an 82" 2160p LCD display there. (The largest single LCD display in the world, which can already be purchased.)
I am sure these will be out of my price range initially. But it is something to look forward to eventually.

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Default Re: Are Plasma TV's On Their Way Out?

Surely is something to look forward to.
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Default Re: Are Plasma TV's On Their Way Out?

"I don`t know if i like the fact that Pioneer will no longer be making their own displays."

Panasonic will be makingthe Pioneer and Pioneer Elite plasma glass to Pioneer's specifications and probably be using their technology. Pioneer will continue to keep private their internal electronics and processing, so their is little to worry about. They will also be buying buying the latest Sharp LCD panels to mate with their internal processing and electronics, so I wouldn't worry about Pioneer's continued expertise in these areas.

Pioneer and Pioneer Elite will continue developing new and excellent A/V receivers, along with their new top of the line Pioneer Elite SC-09TX. With the great Marvell QDEO de-inlerlacing, scaling, mosquito noise processing, and other advantages it should be at the top of the heap of expensive receivers--not to forget about their new ICE digital amplification (developed with Bang and Olufsen).

While I expect OLED to be great, it will be quite a while before OLED's are truly Home Theatre apllicable, withsizes over 42" to 70"--andthe prices will make the best Pioneer Elite's look cheap. It will take years before the prices come down to what even the above average income person will pay for them. I would hardly call a 31" OLED a suitable home theatre size. And you can bet it will be priced as if it were morethan Pioneer Elite Kuro 60" plasma. It will take quite some time before the size and pricing comes down. Heck, Sony's 11" OLED costs $2,500--and who wants to spend that on a screen that is smaller than most laptops.

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Default Re: Are Plasma TV's On Their Way Out?

Plasma is (for all intents and purposes) dead - first because of Sony's OLED technology, but even more so because Laser Driven Displays will be here by Fall 2009 in both front, rear, and small panel display technologies.

So much for 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio from KURO & Samsung - which you can't even see, anyway! Can anyone actually tell me accurately what the true contrast ratio of daylight vs. shadow is during a noon day sun?
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