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lennydude 11-25-2007 03:16 PM

Blue Artifacts Visible on Plasma
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Hi, new to these forums. A friend told me I should ask here for some help.

A friend of mine was over last night a noticed that my 42" Samsung Plasma Model S4253 was showing some kind of "bluish" artifacts on the screen. They were mostly on the lower left but were visible on most of the screen depending on the picture being viewed.

When you look at these, you can almost see words embedded in the blue? At first, I thought "burn in" but the bluish artifacts are not in the same place, they appear at different locations as the picture changes?

I have tried changing the settings, cool to warm and contrast etc. Not much change.

Any idea what this is and should I be concerned about it, will it get worse? I have added a picture. The artifact can be seen south/southwest of the pail in the picture.

Thanks for any help


JerryDelColliano 11-25-2007 03:46 PM

Re: Blue Artifacts Visible on Plasma
In the old days of CRT I would say your screen needs to be degaused but I don't think that works with a plasma.

I am sorry to see your troubles. I will see if Kevin Miller can comment on this.

Welcome to the fourm.

Kevin Miller 11-26-2007 07:45 AM

Re: Blue Artifacts Visible on Plasma
Hi Lenny,

This looks odd. Actually it looks like a defective CRT. Is this visible on all sources? It may be a power issue as well. Do you have the set plugged into a power conditioner? If not try that. Otherwise you may have to have the panel serviced.

kennyt 11-26-2007 08:47 AM

Re: Blue Artifacts Visible on Plasma
I have seen some weird things like this when plasmas are on the same circuit as a cheap dimmer, like Kevin says, try a power conditioner, or if you have a cheap dimmer (could be in wall or in a lamp, the cheap ones in Halogen lamps are famous for noise) around the house, turn it off or all the way on and see if that fixes it.

lennydude 01-14-2008 05:52 AM

Re: Blue Artifacts Visible on Plasma
Just a quick update............

The problem just kept getting worse so I called Circuit City with whom I had an extended warranty. They hooked me up with a local TV repair shop. The guy came over to the house and was suprised with what he saw.
He told me that the model I had, had a board in it that failed because of heat. They took the TV away and called me 2 days later.
Seems the board did not fix the issue entirely and it needs a new display! The CC warranty is thru GE Capital and I am waiting for them to call me with an "RA" number so I can go to CC and get a new TV.
BTW...................for those wondering, the TV had very minor burn-in issues after a little over a year. You had to put up a gray screen to see the sidebars they were so faint. The tech told me to run a white screen one day a month and even that would go away! So this situation had no connections with burn-in.....................just my luck I bought a Friday afternoon TV..............LOL

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