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TheMoose 06-01-2007 11:45 AM

Sharp Aquos LC37D62U
I've been looking for a 37" LCD or Plasma for my bedroom for several months & finally decided on the Sharp Aquos LC37D62U.

I went looking at plasmas & LCD's & they all looked pretty good with HD signals so I made the sales guy turn all of them to a SD station.
Much to my surprise they all looked like crap!!
I looked at about 20 LCD's & plasmas ranging from $1000-$3500 in price & 32"-55" in size & 720p-1080i & 1080p resolutions.

I was obviously prejudiced by my 70 XBR2 rear projection which has what I thought was a pretty good SD picture.
I don't know if Rear projections just do SD better or what but compared to what I saw today mine has a great SD pic!!

What I quickly learned is you can't be upclose to any of the Plasma & LCD sets, you have to compaire them at your normal viewing distance.
For me that was 8'-10'.
SD pictures that were a blocky mess at 2' actually looked pretty good at 10' & HD pics that were just OK upclose looked great at 10'.

The new 37" Sharp in 1080p was just just a bit more than the 720p sets & when the dealer knocked $300 off sticker I figured I'd give it a shot.
Also I couldn't see getting a 720p set when I already had a 1080p source with the PS3.

I went home & hooked it up to my DirecTV HR20.
Through HDMI the SD was noticably better than the s-video connection the store was using.
The HD pics are very good, from the Planet Earth on Discovery HD to prime time network TV.
While not exactly 3-D it was a very good picture.

I'm a tough critic, before this Sharp I had a 50" Sony XBR1 & my current 70" XBR2.
IMO these 2 sets have the best HD pictures you can get for under $10,000 & even better than some $10K+ sets, so the Sharp had a lot of work ahead of it to impress me!

Would I want the 37" Sharp as my main Home theatre TV? No, but from what I saw at the stores I wouldn't want any mid priced LCD or plasma for that, I'll stick to my rear projection XBR2 for that.

The LC-37D62U is a very good bedroom TV however, if your watching it from 8'-10' the SD isn't bad & the HD is very good, if your real close to it (3'-5') you will be disappointed in the PQ.

I will continue to tweak it some more but within the limitations I mentioned I would recommend this set to a friend.

One more thing, how can a TV have a sleep timer but no clock???

JerryDelColliano 06-02-2007 06:23 PM

Re: Sharp Aquos LC37D62U
Moose - nice pick up on the Aquos!!!!

Doesn't your DirecTV box have a clock? I use the HD10250 HD Tivo and all I have to do is click guide or change a channel to see the time.

what is crazy is - the last few hotel rooms I have been in - don't have TVs with sleep timers. What a pain. And these weren't dumps. 4 and 5 star hotel.

What is even more crazy was our $2600 per night room at the Venetian for our industry party had CRAPPY CRT TVs and not HD sets. The Hard Rock has Plasmas. For $2,600, you think you are going to woo a high roller sports gambler with a 10 year old TV? Lame. People with money to waste (inject my name here I guess but it was a good party) also want a nice HDTV to watch even if it is for CNN in the morning.

deacongreg 06-04-2007 03:30 PM

Re: Sharp Aquos LC37D62U
Way to go TheMoose. I hope you get great enjoyment out of your Sharp.

You know, I was thinking as far as price vs. performance, from quality, features, and price, we must give some KUDOS to VIZIO. This company seems to have come out of no where, offering wonderful quality at good prices.

greatmovies 06-06-2007 09:59 PM

Re: Sharp Aquos LC37D62U
Thanks for the review on the Sharp LC37D62U. I've been looking at this and a few others that might fit a fairly standard armoir. Space limitations keep me to the 37" and just a few 40" lcds.

This Sharp has caught my eye, and I have found some amazing prices for it from both brick and mortar shops and some online retailers.

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