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Default Re: Do you still go "out" to the movies?

I was a projectionist for MANN theaters in Colorado back in high school and college. I did it for nearly 5 years for four different theaters. When I left, they told me I was the last "real" projectionist they would need for the new systems (that I helped install and impliment) were almost entirely automated. My largest theater was a 12 plex (remember this was in Colorado) and that system was so streamlined I could cue up and run all 12 theaters within a minute of each other. My smallest theater (a dollar 5 plex) took considerably longer due to older equipment. I even worked with old 70mm projectors as well as IMAX. The 70mm projector we had (called the beast) was water cooled. How cool is that. It was a fun gig and I engaged in the occasional "splicing" if I got board but most of the time I just smoked cigarettes in the booth and read books.
Andrew Robinson

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Default Re: Do you still go "out" to the movies?

I can see that being a really cool job to have. Especially as a teenager. You must have loved that job. And probably gained some good video experience. I really like viewing films in IMAX. I saw Batman Begins in IMAX. I loved it. Now, I want to see everything in IMAX!!
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Default Re: Do you still go "out" to the movies?

I personally still go out to movies. I just like the ambiance that you get at the theaters. For me it's not the same if I watch it at home.
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Default Re: Do you still go "out" to the movies?

Going to the movies is nowadays more of a family get together; typically during the holidays.
Maybe more IMAX 3-d movies would help make it more often.

Otherwise would wait for home use.
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Default Re: Do you still go "out" to the movies?

I can see the Imax thing, but a regular theater? I was talking about this with my wife the other day and she said she'd rather see it at home on our system!

I had to post this as I was so proud she actually appreciated the system......

OK, now I am going to go give it some abuse! The wife is gone to wrk and I'm up, so it's time for some serious jamming!
Ken Taraszka, MD
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Default Re: Do you still go "out" to the movies?

Originally Posted by narcoticprayer View Post
Saw "Sweeny Todd" in a theater on Wednesday night. It was packed and prior to the start the crowd was loud. Once the movie started it was super quiet with laughs and gasps in the right places. Except for the crappy sound system in the theater and a pizza stain on the screen it was my best experience at the movies in years. No people talking to the screen. No phones. No crying babies. Heaven. Plus the movie was double d dyn-o-mite!
Saw ST in a theater last week. Before the movie started, the previews and endless commercials extended five feet off both sides of the screen. The bulb was nearly burnt out and the picture was incredibly dim. I mean, it's a dark film to begin with! They got it onto the screen only, but it never got any brighter. Pathetic!

Then there was a light bulb on in the projection booth that "couldn't be turned off." Guess which four rows it fell on?

We just saw the latest Bourne film on HD DVD after having "seen" it in a theater late this summer. The entire film was completely out of focus. The staff refused to do anything and the sheep around us said nothing. My wife got a major headache!
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