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TheMoose 09-17-2007 10:53 PM

What's up with Texting?
I don't understand the big deal about sending text messages with a cell phone, My niece & nephew are constantly texting & I just don't get it.

Isn't it easier & cheaper to just call the person?
Maybe it's a generational thing but I've never sent a text message, when I get one from someone else I call them back.

kennyt 09-18-2007 01:08 PM

Re: What's up with Texting?
I rarely do it, like when I am bored and at work and not supposed to be talking. My step kids text like maniacs, and the wife has a friend who will text her and then not answer her phones. We are still trying to figure out just what is up with that one but that girl is a little strange....

tigeraudio2007 09-18-2007 04:26 PM

Re: What's up with Texting?
Texting is most definitely a generational thing. It has become an onslaught of texting meaningless messges back and forth.

Now, the purpose of texting for those of us that only occasionally do it is to inform your recipient of an answer or note, at the same time telling them that you do not want to be interrupted with a phone call. It may be that you are in a meeting and can't talk or that you don't have time to be on the phone at the moment. So for those of you calling back after a text message might hear a not so welcome reception on the other end. It will probably be an annoyed reception.

JerryDelColliano 09-18-2007 04:30 PM

I refuse to text
I simply refuse to text anyone.

While I use the phone MOST of the time while I am in the car, I have installed an $80 Bluetooth unit on my visor so I can drive safely.

My father while commuting from Scottsdale to LA was involved last year in a HUGE car accident in Phoenix. A 19 year old girl blew a COMPLETELY RED LIGHT and smashed into a limo and then my father and step mother. Their Mercedes was totaled but they were OK. The two people in the back of the limo died (no seatbelts). The girl was text messaging at the time.

In our offices (the building where the agency Entorage is created from) the agents CAN NOT RESIST the idea of texting while in the elevator. To me it seems like they want somebody to know how important they are. Little do they know - I know that despite wearing a $4,000 suit - they work in the mailroom and that their email that they were reading was about Viagra. :)

deacongreg 09-18-2007 05:47 PM

Re: What's up with Texting?
Gentlemen, it is a generational thing. I spoke to my daughter Amanda about this. It is a privacy issue. When you want to say something in private, or personal, and you do not want ANYONE else to know, you text.

Yes, when a ringing of the phone is not desirable, your in class, a meeting, etc. the young people text. Its the same with AIM6 and MYSpace. The kids do this to setup rendezous, talk about stuff we did in person, or on the phone, but this is all secret stuff. See, I guess you guys have no kids yet.

This is why the web is dangerous. Ever notice when you walk in your kids room, they turn the computer towards them, or lower the lid on the labtop?

Anyway, texting requires typing. Why not just pick up the phone and hear a voice. Its more personal to me. But, they will type. Too much work for me.

JerryDelColliano 09-18-2007 05:50 PM

Re: What's up with Texting?
Tell that to the two dead guys in the back of the limo.

New law goes into effect in CA next year. Must be on a headset and NO texting while driving.


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