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virgodes 01-24-2012 07:37 AM

I cheated on my wife with another mans wife what do I do?
I met this woman through a mutual friend! We had this attraction that was just unexplainable. After the third day of knowing her she gave me her address after I asked for it and we had sex for almost 2 hours. Probably the best and hottest sex of my life. We continued to see each other every evening for the next 2 weeks. The only reason we did not continue this is because her husband came back from deployment. Yes, he was deployed. We did not just have sex, but rather spent time getting to know one another and in the mean time fell for each other. We ended up saying "I love you". The feelings we had grew strong and stronger and even continued to grow after her husband came home, even though we couldn't see each other. We had a connection that was stronger than anything either of us have felt before... and not just sexual. After all the talking and even the day's I took off work to spend the whole day with her, we realized how perfect we would be together.

The problem is obvious though, we are both married (unhappy with our current relationships obviously or this most likely wouldn't have occurred) and both of us have a baby. Her husband is a controlling freak who constantly puts her down and makes her feel like ****, he can't let go of her past which included sex and drugs, again making her feel horrible about something she did before they met and can't currently control. He's young and immature and doesn't deserve a girl like her! She changed the person she was to fit his needs and after being with me, realized this and changed back to the who she was before they met.

Now, all this being said he has been back from deployment for a little over 3 weeks but has spent all that time with family and has not been alone with her and his son since he has been back. They have not returned back to their normal routine. She say's things are going good (for now) but I believe it is only because it's fresh and new now that he is back and once they get back to their routine and are alone, he will go back to being the dick he was before. People don't change! (experience). We both decided we would work on our marriages and see how they went first. Mine is not going as well as hers, plain and simple, It's ****. No love, no connection... anyways, all I have been able to do is think about this woman who I can't txt or call because her husband controls her every move and she can't ever get away or do anything without him barging in (no trust). How do I know there is no trust, by how controlling of her he is, it's ridiculous. By the way, this is the first time her or I have ever done anything like this... it's not normal and we both never ever thought it would happen. So all I can do is think about her and how much I want to be with her and take care of her and treat her the way she deserves to be treated as well as taking care of her child of which I have no problem doing, and would enjoy it.

Now, any advice on what I should do? To sum it up... I'm married and in love with another man's wife, she feels the same about me as I do her although she is currently not acting on her feelings where as I am having an extremely difficult time not doing. I want him to know that she cheated so he knows who he is married to, but without anyone finding out was me, and without her finding out that I spilled the beans. With him finding this out they would definitely not be together anymore therefore making her available to be with me. I'm a horrible person I guess because I have no issues with divorcing my wife. We've been married for over 3 years but there is no love in our marriage anymore, it's like two strangers living in a house raising a kid together. Any suggestions?

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