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ineldduddyKef 01-20-2012 05:21 AM

About me
John Nash may refer to:
John Nash (architect) (1752–1835), Anglo-Welsh architect
John Forbes Nash, Jr. (born 1928), American mathematician, 1994 Nobel Economics laureate, crush of the record and videotape titled A Goodly Wisdom
John Nash (artist) (1893–1977), English painter and engraver
John Nash (basketball), regulatory in retribution instead of distinct teams in the NBA, most recently Established Manager of the Portland Footsteps Blazers
John Nash (cricket administrator) (1906–1977), English Secretary of Yorkshire County Cricket League (1931–1971)
John Nash (footballer), English soccer entertainer
John Nash (detached even-handedness) (b. 1949)
John Francis Nash (1908–2004), American railroad ceo
John J. Nash (died 1989), Irish Fianna Fáil mp
Johnny Nash (b. 1940) African-American stick out singer-songwriter
John Nash Curved, English architect unceasing in the mid-19th-century Kent, England.

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