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coffee 10-16-2011 10:09 PM

The Panther clan have some secret plans for Jason in True Blood
Sookie of true blood season 4[/url] discovers that while he had gone only a few hours, more than a year has passed since the "real" world. In fact, all thought Bill had killed him. Many things have changed. Sookie's house was sold to a mysterious company, Bill is the king of Louisiana, is dependent on V, Andy, Jason is a real deputy, Sam is taken with a group of shapeshifters, Tara lives with his girlfriend in New Orleans, and Lafayette was introduced into the witches' (it is also a stylish new do).

A lot happens in these first two episodes of the true blood serie[/url], including Floyd and Jessica have their differences, knowing that the new baby can be the second coming of Damien "The Omen" and the secret society of vampires vampires is the hardest to try to help to be accepted as normal citizens. Then Sheriff Eric has new plans for Sookie. Only two episodes and Eric reluctantly accept the orders of King Bill, which is then sent on a mission where he met his match that something seems to have changed dramatically. Finally, the Panther clan has secret plans for Jason.
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