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TURCO21 10-27-2010 04:48 AM

How to make a wise use of wind energy resource
The shortage of conventional energy resources like oil and gas has made people think about the various clean energy resources which can be used to replace the traditional energy resources. One of the most widely accepted clean energy resources is wind energy. You can easily make a wind turbine at home and trap wind energy easily, thereby getting replacing the traditional sources of energy, like oil and natural gas. Wind energy is one of the most widely used green energy resources. The idea of making wind turbines at home has helped many families in making a lucrative investment in green energy resources. Solar panels and wind turbines are widely used these days to replace the traditional energy resources.

Making a wind turbine at home is not at all tedious. Many wind turbines are available in market these days with price tags varying from $500 to $22,000. But the choice of wind turbines depends on the amount of your usage. You can take the help of the good e-books available in internet, to make wind turbines. They will help you in making wind turbines at an affordable cost, very much less than the amount thatís being asked for wind turbines in the market.

Home wind turbines will help you to lower the energy bills to a considerable extent. You can also try to make some extra money by producing a little more than the required quantity of energy.

Home based wind turbines are not used in areas with high population density, as these areas lack enough wind supply. A small roof top wind turbine is the most suitable option in such areas. You can reduce your electricity bill by almost 10% if you have one such above your roof top. But if you are residing in a remote area you can have a wind turbine at a greater height.

Along with the turbine you also need a battery backup to store the electricity produced.

Read more about home wind turbines from the leading Wind Energy News reports, and start making yours soon.

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