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marryholmes 09-13-2010 11:58 PM

Blue Man Group Musical
In spite of the fact that there had been not much flair and acrobatics that had been associated with several Strip performances the Blue Man Group never ceases to amaze. There had been a trio of blue-hued men who had dressed in all black coupled with a custom-built theater and 90 minutes of wild music is the perfect equation for not only fun but also success.
Their trademark sound had been accompanied by their crazy tactics that ranged from juggling to loud crunch that to make interesting music. Amazingly any vignette that they performed came back to music. The Blue Man Group plays daily at 7p.m and again at 10p.m at the venue of The Blue Man Group Theater that is located in the Venetian. Theatergoers' have been looking forward to seeing the Blue Man Group which has boosted the early ticket sales on this Tuesday for The Grand's 2010-11 seasons. Do you want to see the blue man group show so you can purchase the cheap blue man group tickets and enjoying the real fun.
What’s more The Blue Man Group is also a part of the 100 blue men and also hundreds of support personnel who are responsible for not only lighting but also for design and much more. The Blue Man Group can be easily recognized owing to their characters that have blue face paint and have expanded not only to the theaters situated in Boston, Chicago and Las Vegas but also to a cruise ship and in several major international cities such as that of Tokyo and Zurich.
At present the Blue Man Group, whose work has already been witnessed by more than 17 million people all across the major countries is due to start its next chapter in Fayetteville.

lyly10388 11-24-2010 10:30 PM

Re: Blue Man Group Musical
Thanks you for the post.

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