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benjamin15f 05-24-2009 11:35 PM

How to Make an Online Player with "MSN Video" Style
How to Make an Online Player with "MSN Video" Style

As I often visit MSN Video to watch the latest news, entertainment and TV clips these days, an idea struck me: How to make an online player with "MSN video" style? After the whole eveningís searching for relevant information and different trials, I can now make exactly the same MSN videos easily (Note: Not the same video content but the same video user interface). I would like to share with you guys how I make it.

Well, videos vary from one site to another, but the embedded player can be the same or similar. Perhaps you are excellent enough to program the codes of the embedded player, but I didnít. I tried to google such information whether there is such tool that can help to generate web videos directly and I did.

It must be said, even though I have written this with a specific application in mind, I think there are many out there. The one I have used here, Socusoft Web Video Player is OK as it can generate exactly the same user interface of MSN videos. Anyway, please do experiment with different players. I would like to hear of other ones you have used and your experiences with them and you may report back here in the comments.

Screenshot of the homepage of MSN video with the embedded player on the top right corner.

Now, let me show you how I make the online player with "MSN video" style. First of all, download and install Socusoft Web Video Player. You may google search the program if you cannot find the resource.

1. Launch the program. You will see the default step "Video". Click "Add" button on the upper right side to add videos. If your video file is not FLV format. You need to convert it to FLV format before adding. You may click "Convert" button to launch the embedded converter for video conversion. From my testing, its embedded converter makes quick and easy work of nearly any video file thrown at it.

2. Go to the second step: "Themes". Click the drop down menu on the right side and choose "Bottom List", which is exactly the same style of MSN video user interface. You may now click "Preview" at the bottom to preview your web player. You may also directly go to the third step: "Publish" > and click "Publish Now" to publish videos.

When completed, click "View Web Page" to enjoy MSN style video player. You can also upload the video files to your website. Now you can do it yourself.

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