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deacongreg 06-11-2008 02:21 PM

Canines, dogs, man`s best friend. For myself, and those like me, dogs are great companions and yes, even partners to have at home.

In the latest Modern Home Theater, there is an excellent right up about a selection of different canines to have in the home, while you enjoy your Home Theater.
Whether their fun loving, smart, intelligent, or a protector, each dog has its own characteristics that make them special to each one us.

Tell me about your favorite canine, and your unique experiences.

kennyt 06-11-2008 05:06 PM

Well, that is easy!!!


Lola is my 5 year old black Great Dane, she frequently sits, no lies on my couch and lap while I listen to music or watch movies, we also have a 10 year old Golden Retriever Oscar who is a miracle dog! I do not know how he holds it in so damn long sometimes! when we are gone too long, Lola goes by the door, literally, oh and if it's raining outside, she does this also, in fact she is so wimpy about going out in the rain, when we had hurricanes coming in, she wouldn't go out, and she wouldn't 'do it' in front of us, so the wife and I hit the bedroom and let her go by the door and went back to clean it up......

WOW< what we do for our pets!

Silver Supra 06-11-2008 05:23 PM

We have 2 Weimeraners, Ruger and Grady. They are great dogs, but wow are they smart... and eccentric.

When we leave Ruger to go to dinner (and he hasn't had enough play time) he will pull down a loaf of bread from the counter and leave it in the middle of the floor. He won't eat it, it's just his way of letting us know his displeasure with us.

faberryman 06-11-2008 06:53 PM

I have had Weims all my life. Malcolm is my seventh and my first Blue. He has the most gorgeous dark grey coat. And yes, they are smart - and funny.

Silver Supra 06-17-2008 10:06 PM

Ruger as a pup

Ruger and Grady as a pup

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