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TheMoose 04-04-2008 01:29 PM

Comcast launches 50Mbps broadband
Comcast launches 50Mbps broadband... for $150 per month

So, everyone that has been saying downloads is the way of the future here is a high speed service for you but... will you pay $150 a month for 50mbs?

From Ars Technica,

Comcast has been promising that DOCSIS 3.0 goodness would be coming to its customers this year, and the cable giant is about to make good. Starting tomorrow, Comcast's new "extreme high-speed" Internet tier will be available to subscribers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area, including Hudson, Wisconsin. Download speeds will top out at 50Mbps while uploads will be capped at 5Mbps. But all of that speed comes at a price: $149.95 per month for consumers, and $199.95 per month for business class service.

Comcast spokesperson Charlie Douglas characterized the price as "competitive," saying that it's roughly the same as what Verizon charges for similar speeds on its FiOS network. That's more or less accurate, but there's a wide gap between the 50/5 tier and the next one down, 8/2, which costs $52.95 per month for video customers. Still, if you're willing to pay for it, the superfast Internet is there.

"This announcement marks the beginning of the evolution from broadband to wideband," said Comcast High-Speed Internet SVP Mitch Bowling. "We believe wideband will usher-in a new era of speed and Internet innovation for today’s digital consumers. Wideband is the future, and it's coming fast."

How fast? Douglas said that the company intends to have DOCSIS 3.0 and the accompanying 50Mbps tier available to 20 percent of its customers by the end of 2008. It should be available nationwide by the middle of 2010. And 50Mbps is only the beginning; Comcast plans to up the speeds to at least 100Mbps in the next couple of years. DOCSIS 3.0 is theoretically capable of 160Mbps speeds, which gives the company some headroom to increase speeds.

That's fast enough to download a HD movie pretty fast but at $150 a month I'll pass!!
I could buy 7 or 8 Blu-Ray movies a month at that price & they would have all the extras & lossless audio!

I don't understand why the downloads is 50mbs but the upload is only 5mbs though.

I'm at around 1.5mbs on my DSL at home & really it's only downloading video podcasts & such that is really slow on my DSL.
Personally HD movie downloads is the only reason I see for going to speeds that fast but I'm not paying $150 a month! At least not now.

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