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Default Re: Audio-fool trends in the industry

Originally Posted by HT Junky View Post
the guy next to me had a beer can wrapped in aluminum foil (shiny side in, by the way).
Are you sure it wasn't just to hide the Milwaukee's Best label??
Ken Taraszka, MD
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Default Re: Audio-fool trends in the industry

My wife and I went to Best Buy last night to get a regular house phone. I decided to look around at the multitude of minaturized gadgets lined up on many displays. What a bunch of useless looking gadgets, minature speakers, Ipods, tripods, Quadrapods?, and tons of batteries and headphones. I truly had no idea what 90% of this creazap was but I'm sure many young people are shelling out big $$ for this stuff!

I swear Bose junk doesn't look so bad after seeing this. How can one enjoy music coming out of these minaturized gadgets?.
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Default Re: Audio-fool trends in the industry

I've seen them too. I thought they were misplaced stuff from the toy aisle at first glance.
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Default Re: Audio-fool trends in the industry

Well, I agree that cellphone-speakers sound like crap. There is something to say for portability and the option to let a few friends of yours hear it on (cellphone-)speakers though - especially if you're out in the middle of nowhere.

On a few occasions on vacation I've plugged in my mp3-player to an old radio (probably from around the 30's), and enjoyed it because I didn't have better equipment near. Granted, even those speakers on the radio sound alot better than cellphone-speakers, but still, I get the idea of people using their cellphone in that way.

So for me relatively good sounding, small, portable speakers is a good thing - they don't need to sound "Hi-fi" or anywhere near to be enjoyable.
I have pretty high demands on headphones though...
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