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DaViD Boulet 02-27-2008 01:32 PM

Reported Post by DaViD Boulet
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Can you PLEASE do something about Lotus?

I'm doing my best to avoid calling out his idoicy on the forum given the multitude of inccorrect things he's pushed as fact as of late. However, when I state something as straight-forward as the FACT of how a video signal is kept all-digital from the BD/HD DVD player to the display when using HDMI, and he tries to find ground in this to challenge me and publically say that I don't anything about how a BD player works, it's reached the limit.

I do my best not to trump up false grounds to challenge everything Lotus says when his posts happen to be mostly correct, and only counter when I see an obvious error in a statement. Can you please ask that he do me the same courtesy?
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Posted by: Lotus
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Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet (Post 12152)

I was talking about analog conversion of the video signal when using the proper HDMI connection protocol with a display (the highest qualitiy video connection available and the only way to get native 1080p). Re-read my original post and note the context of my comments.

Please relax and stop the knee-jerk argument.

Yeah I did that. You have no idea how a BD player works.

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