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dobyblue 12-26-2007 01:10 PM

Reported Post by dobyblue
dobyblue has reported a post.


My personal information is not authorized to be printed on this forum.
The poster "Lotus" should know this.
You should remove any references to my name in his last three posts
(Mr. Burke) please. This is why we have "monikers" to use to post under.
Thank you.
Post: Could Warner Bros. Abandon HD DVD in 2008?
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Posted by: Lotus
Original Content:


Originally Posted by dobyblue (Post 7986)
You don't know a thing about me, that much is obvious. You have no idea who I know nor do you have any idea what my pay grade is, like that has anything to do with the subject at all but is obviously some juvenile attemp at an insult or vain attempt to trivialize what I know is fact. How pathetic.

The BOGO's during the Bourne week were for HD DVD, or do you deny what everyone else already knows. The Warner and Universal BOGO's at Amazon lasted the whole week, the BD's were two days.

I see you're suggesting that Amazon is not included in Videoscan! Yet you're supposed to be in the loop! Why don't you contact Marché L. Boose-Welch at Nielsen, Manager, Business Development & Client Service? The phone # is 323-817-1520. I'm sure they will be happen to enlighten you as to that which you are ignorant of.

Q: Hello,

I was wondering if the Nielsen/Videoscan data for the high def disc sales of Blu-ray and HD DVD discs includes sales from

A: Thank you for your interest in Nielsen VideoScan. Yes it does.

Keep on shillin' buddy. You're obviously nothing but a liar and your outburst of insults and FUD shows that it is you who are scared of losing.

You know what you're right about Amazon. I keep forgetting it, and it's an honest mistake. It's hard to remember which places Nielsen tracks. It's close to 60% which leaves 40% out there and sometimes I forget that they added Amazon not too long ago.

However I do know Richard Doherty. Do you really want to get into this Mr. Burke? I do know who you are and decided to find out all about you when you said you worked for Panasonic. You now posted that you're connected with Hollywood Labs. You want me to post what I was told? I wouldn't be surprised if you receive a cease and decist order.

You've been banned from sites before.

You're a BD troll. You're what gives AVS and other sites like it a bad name. That is if you weren't banned from some.

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