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deacongreg 12-14-2007 01:02 PM

Like, most of you, I`m a sports fan. Football is first (N.Y. Giant fan since I was 9 years old) listening to Marty Glickman on the radio while Homer Jones was catching bombs for touchdowns. Basketball is second, (N.Y. Knicks) while Baseball is third (N.Y. Mets). Which brings me to "Senator Michell`s Report."
We live in a world now where just about anything goes now, same sex marriages, GOD and prayer taken out of schools, etc. The Isley Brothers - "Its Your Thing" do what you want to do, could not have been more prophetic for todays time. I still believe their are rules to be followed and lived by, policies and procedures to uphold.
If an ahtlete put in his time at the gym, weight room, track, whatever, and performs well, or has GOD given talent, yes, lets celebrate him or her. However, if a substance is taken to enhance their performance above their fellow competitor, then I do have a problem with that. To me, it is that cut and dry. Especially, if its illegal. Alcohol is legal, smoking weed is still not. Not that I`m saying to have a drink before the game.
The Olympic committee deemed it necessary to strip Marion Jones of all 5 of her gold medals, what do you all say in light of the Mitchell report and what is going on in sports today?

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