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JerryDelColliano 11-18-2007 05:46 PM

$4.00 per gallon gas & a car sighting in Brentwood
Running some errands today, I stopped and paid $4.00 per gallon for 89 octane gas. OUCH. It might be lining the pockets of George W. Bush's oil company buddies but it is going to put a MAJOR STRAIN on the US economy if these prices stick. I know there is a "terrorism tarrif" on the price based less in reality (meaning the cost to pump the oil out of the ground) than fear of another attack but still - this is getting silly. Shipping that plasma will not cost the same going forward.

While at the gas station that also sells $9.50 per gallon 107 octane race fuel, I saw another schmuck pumping said fuel into his BRAND NEW silver Porsche Carrara GT. Of all of the super cars (Enzo, Mercedes SLR etc..) I like the GT the best. It sounded SO VERY MEAN when it fired up. My twin turbo is just a toy in comparison!!!!!

Robinson_A 11-18-2007 06:46 PM

Re: $4.00 per gallon gas & a car sighting in Brentwood
When I was driving to work from your house during the fires I was behind a black Carrera GT. While not a huge Porsche fan, I have to tip my hat to the Carrera GT. It is a work of art. Yet if you want to compare engine noise the Italians have it made although the new V8 Vantage from Aston Martin comes in at a close second.

I stopped by the LA Auto Show (wasn't great this year) and got a peek at the new Maserati Gran Tourismo. Man is that a good looking car. For a little over $100K or Porsche 911 Turbo money you get all the comfort of luxury sedan (think Maybach) with a Ferrari 430 under the hood. Seriously, this car is all business. The best part is, with the Gran Tourismo's release the prices of the Grand Sports (my favorite Maserati) are dropping like a White House intern.

kennyt 11-18-2007 07:28 PM

Re: $4.00 per gallon gas & a car sighting in Brentwood
Lately I have been driving a Honda Element, while no gas miser, it gets 23 MPG, compared to my CLK 55 cab @ 19, what is the real difference in cost per year to me? I drive ~10,000 miles per year, so I need 520 gallons for the Benz, 420 for the Element, so even at $4 per gallon, it comes to about a dollar a day.....

Is this going to disuade you from buying the car you pine for? For me no, it won't. I would love to own and older deisel and run old cooking fuel, but I doubt I would put up with the hassle to do it, so I'll keep the Benz, and primarily drive the Element and not worry.

If gas goes to $10/gallon, maybe my feelings would change, but for now, I am OK.

JerryDelColliano 11-18-2007 09:39 PM

Re: $4.00 per gallon gas & a car sighting in Brentwood
I am trying to get a Blutech ML 320 for my wife and in CA its practically IMPOSSIBLE!!!! They said an e-class blu-tech would be $1200 per month on a 24x lease with $2000 down. Her car is $505 with $2,000 down for an E320 now.

As much as I want to let the middle east FEEL THE PAIN of me and everyone like me not spending my money on their TERRORIST OIL.

Too bad the US is still too much in bed with the Saudi's et all. Perhaps the next lease.


J.J. 11-19-2007 01:35 PM

Re: $4.00 per gallon gas & a car sighting in Brentwood
Citgo is now pulling US interests out of our country and they currently refine 5% of US gasoline. There are no refineries to pick up the slack, so up will go the prices even further.

Honda has stated that in early 2008 they will be selling a fuel cell car (to the masses they say). Too bad you can't get Hydrogen at the corner mart.

JerryDelColliano 11-19-2007 01:43 PM

Re: $4.00 per gallon gas & a car sighting in Brentwood
isn't Citgo the company that is the front for the Venezuelan Gvmt that our fearless leader - W - keeps fighting with?

Iraq has one of the biggest oil reserves in the world. Why don't we come clean for why we are really over there and start pumping oil out of the ground and show the under-educated people of Iraq what having the streets of Bagdad looks like. It works in Kuwait. It works in Dubai. Money talks. Education helps. Maybe these warlords will calm down a little if we showed them that THEY TOO can own (4) 747-400 series planes for their personal use like the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia....

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