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Robinson_A 05-25-2007 01:14 PM

iTunes: Childs' play thing or true media server software?
At first glance iTunes appears to be nothing but a gimmicky way to organize your music, however, with each new release have the gimmicks given way to something more powerful, more, dare I say, useful?

The more time I spend with iTunes and 3rd party programs via the internet the more I see the potential in Apple's Kaledescape inspired archiving software. I'm curious how others feel out there and what tips and or tricks you may have discovered along the way that have made iTunes better for you.


JerryDelColliano 06-13-2007 09:09 AM

Re: iTunes: Childs' play thing or true media server software?
I am a long time Apple user. as a company is almost 100% mac based.

With that said, I treat iTunes as a very valueble front end but not much past that. For example, I love the ease of listening to a HUGE quantity of music on it, Internet radio etc... But I don't think it is a useful tool for managing your music collection on your hard drives. I manually rename and organize my music that I have ripped in that ever time I make a change to a file name in iTunes - it doesn't effect the main file.

for me, there is something refreshing about throwing away your entire iTunes library and starting over. Your iPod and playlists get a whole new outlook on life. You might try some music from your main collection that you wouldn't normally (right now I am suffering through some LAME Janis Joplin because of this) as well as find some new tracks you didn't realize you loved so much. At this level - iTunes has made me and millions like me rethink the way I listen to music.

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