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miltonhork 10-23-2009 05:41 AM

Musical PC tips
Hi ,

I'm the member of the my group band. I want to buy a musical PC. Can you give me some tips to buy musical PC?
Any body here ?

Loves2Watch 10-26-2009 06:08 AM

Re: Musical PC tips
All PC's can play music if they have a sound card.

maxshelor 11-22-2010 03:10 AM

Re: Musical PC tips
If you want to buy a musical PC then these may be useful to him/her. Just check it out. Thanks ...

1.fine tune the system:
enable the least services.
install the least programs.

2.Lower the power consumption:
use high performance low voltage CPU.
use lower voltage DRAM.
Use integrated GPU.
3.use the lowest latency DRAM timing.

4.Mitigate vibration:
Fanless PSU or external PSU
no fan in the case
take HDD outside the case

5.choose a good case:
consider vibration and shielding

6.get a RAMdrive and put your file inside to playback.

7.Use professional software to playback. (fine tune the software is required)

8.Software upsampling is a good idea.
playback after converted.
don't use realtime plug-in
professional standalone software yield good result.

jenniferny 11-25-2010 02:49 AM

Re: Musical PC tips

Originally Posted by miltonhork (Post 23036)
Hi ,

I'm the member of the my group band. I want to buy a musical PC. Can you give me some tips to buy musical PC?
Any body here ?

There are a couple of ways to go, but there are some basics.
First of all make sure that your PC supports Hi Def audio. Next make sure that you buy a VERY good PC speaker setup(I use an excellent Altec Lansing PC speakersetup, but good quality PC speaker setups are not cheap) with sufficient power and a good subwoofer. Then if you want to go to the next level you can do what I did. When I built my PC I bought a motherboard that supports a Digital Audio Output, such as TOSLINKor COAXIAL. Next I linked my PC to my AV Receiver which supports multi zone output. I also use iTunes, but ALL of my music is loaded using Apple Lossless Audio directly from my CD collection. By doing it this way you are keeping the audio signal digital and using the AV Receivers Digital to Analog Converter. By choosing different zones I can send the music to my outdoor speakers, to my 7.1 surround speaker system, or to my secondary Home Theater setup in the bedroom again using the digital output on my primary Home Theater Receiver to the digital input of the second receiver. Either way that you go the sound quality should be amazing. Remember, the quality if the sound is directly related to the quality if the components. If you have any questions post them and I will try and answer.
Good Luck and Good Listening.

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