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smarthdl 09-28-2009 07:22 AM

Nuvo now integrated with S-bus
Great News for all Dealer and installer of home automation and home music system
Now, The well-Known Nuvo Music system Essintia G and grand concerto is integrated with Smart-HDL

Nuvo - Smart- HDL

Smart-HDL is the leading Manufacture for Lighting, Home automation and life style system introduce its Latest technology in the world for its LCD dynamic page panel.

This unique LCD Panel is recognized as the first lighting panel in the world that integrate with music that can

1 - Show on its LCD the Album, Artist, song name, Track No. Volume track Time, and Source

2 - Control to change the track, source, volume, play and pause and switch the zone ON/OFF.

3 - Beside all its other function with its 14 extra dynamic pages, that control the Lights, Scene, Curtain, Show, AC, TV,DVD, IR, Clock Timer, and Security.

4 - Smart-HDL Dynamic Page Panel support all language in the world and friendly use

With Smart-HDL LCD Panel, You can add value to your home with its multifunction power that can be useful when you install it in different places

1 - Beside the bed (all bed rooms)
• Control Lights dimming/ ramping, scenes bed time Reading mode etc…
• control the music without needs to go to the far Volume controller
• control the AIR condition, no need to get up from the bed
• set your Alarm clock to get you up
• set your medicine time to trigger every couple of hours
• Emergency call for help and triggering SMS to Doctor and family member
• control your TV, off, ON change channel from near your bed
• close and open your curtain
• set the security in night mode

2 - Near the Entrance, passages living room etc..
• control the lights, AC, Music and all above
• Set the security in different mode arm vacation, away, night, Disarm etc…
• set all the house mode as smart, saving energy, manual mode
• trigger your visitor, party, dining mode
• set the house in good bye mode, and welcome mode

All what you need in the wall is just 1 panel can control every thing
And it can save your cost of

1 - Breaking cost
2 - Conducting cost
3 - Material cost, metal boxes, junction boxes cost
4 - Supervision and working time cost
5 - Cabling cost (it is bus system)
6 - Equipment cost (all AC/ thermostat, Volume control, curtain, all light channels, security console, IR remote, alarm clock , panic button) all this in just small smart panel
7 - Programming time cost
8 - Maintenance cost
9 - Energy cost, save the customer equipment consumption

For more info, Manuals, Films and others you can visit our website

For installation and Programming Film you can visit

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