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XStreamHD Purchases License for Audio Processing Technology from ARC International
ARC International has announced that XStreamHD has taken a license for ARC’s audio processing technology. XStreamHD has selected ARC audio processing technology for decoding of Dolby® Digital Plus for XStreamHD’s ultimate home entertainment system which delivers Full HD (1080p) video and studio quality audio directly to the home via satellite.

The XStreamHD solution enables consumers to build unparalleled in-home entertainment networks and enjoy Premium HD content; including 1080p movies, lossless music, electronic games and HDTV anywhere in the home. XStreamHD’s whole home HD entertainment solution includes the revolutionary XStreamHD Media Server that networks with multiple DLNA® compatible devices including the compact XStreamHD Media Receiver, TV, PC and game consoles.

IMS Research analysts forecast the worldwide market for HDTV to grow to nearly 148 million HDTV households by 2011, with nearly 41 percent of those households receiving HDTV programming via satellite. With XStreamHD consumers can select and enjoy Premium HD content from their Virtual Personal Library on their schedule. “We are very excited to work with XStreamHD as they roll-out sea change technology that taps into consumer demand for easily accessible Premium HD,” said Carl Schlachte, ARC’s president and CEO.

“ARC’s audio processing technology was an essential building block in the development of our SoC’s,” said XStreamHD founder and CEO George Gonzalez. “Our unique transport network is capable of delivering Full HD (1080p) video and up to 7.1 channels of lossless audio directly to the home via satellite to offer consumers a superior entertainment experience. We have carefully selected every component to build our revolutionary whole home entertainment solution.”

“XStreamHD is a great example of how ARC helps our customers maximize their success by accommodating fast moving market changes,” said Schlachte. “Furthermore, our engagement with XStreamHD provides an example of how we enable our customers to develop disruptive technology through a combination of our multimedia IP and software.”

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