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Is the iPod too lo-fi for you?
What do you think of the iPod? Great only for travelling or could you use one as your primary music server?

deacongreg 05-29-2007 05:42 PM

Re: Is the iPod too lo-fi for you?
It most definitely is to lo fi for me. I do not own one. But have listened to a few of my sons friends units. First, the earbuds are horrible. Even my son and his best friend know that my Grados are better. Then, since most down load Mp3 compressed files, not WAV (in fear they will lose too much memory! or just plain lack of knowledge) that degrades the sound even further. And it does not help that Apple advertises as high quality. That is where the real problem is.

But, is this about quality or convenience? Even our baby boomer crowd, went for convenience or fashion over quality. Remember the "Sony Walkman"? The one thing I will give it, is its ability to archive material. BUT, would I use this as a media server. Absolutely not. Its a TRAVEL tool!!

JerryDelColliano 05-29-2007 08:28 PM

Re: Is the iPod too lo-fi for you?
I use Etimotic Research in-ear monitors like the ones many bands use on tour. I needed to go to the audiologist to get custom ear molds which cuts down on 25 dB of noise from outside.

Considering their size (small) and the fact they cut down on noise - they are awesome on an airplane or in the gym.

They sound really fast with tight but not very low bass. I really like the sound.

My iPod is setup at the highest level AAC compression which isn't as good as my lossless rips on my Request server at home however its good. With 5500 KILLER songs in the palm of my hands and some good headphones - its like high end audio for the road.

deacongreg 05-30-2007 05:25 AM

Re: Is the iPod too lo-fi for you?
Wow Jerry, I did not realize you even owned an I - pod. Based on our conversations about Apple, I`m a little surprised. The Etytomics I have heard excellent things about from Stereophile, and especially the good people at "Headroom." They suggested going to a audiologist as well. My stepsons friends Nano sounded much better with my Grados. So, should I now invest in a I - pod and join the generation Y crowd?

dwbattle 06-08-2007 03:49 PM

Re: Is the iPod too lo-fi for you?
I do own an iPod and I use it frequently in my car. I also have a iPod HIFI that I use as a secondary audio system. The iPod works fine for these type of uses. Hooked to my primary stereo, the iPod sounds really bad.

Even for use in the car, downloaded music is not adequate. I strictly buy the CD and rip my own MP3 files using the highest quality settings I can.

seanthebrit 06-08-2007 08:45 PM

Re: Is the iPod too lo-fi for you?
I have my own experiences in trying out different configurations, as I work in custom services for a large electronics retailer, and an audiophile and an Electronics's what I've found from trying it myself:

Any CODEC compression, any type, any rate, removes the 'sparkle' in audio...the sound-staging/imaging simply vanishes. Even FLAC. I've A/B'd with an Elan VIA DJ [ripped lossless] to a Primare CD21, and it's astonishing what musical information is lost when heard in a 'better' sounding stereo system.....and that's with 'standard' CD too. (as opposed to SACD's or HDCD's).

There is an exception.....the Niveus Denali, but at $5k! When it is used for ripping and playback, the results truly are indiscrenable from the original CD, and that's been a concensus of many people in our company.

Personally, I use Control4 to operate 2 Sony 400 disc megachangers, so for my listening sessions, I can listen disc direct, with analog connections; the result is terrific. I've used my PC as a video server too, but the video degradation is astonishing versus disc direct also.

However (in support of CODEC's), I listen to Rhapsody via my Sonos system all the time, as background music. While this doesn't sound disc-direct-like, it's darn good. In my car, I settle for the convenience of MP3 CD's, trading off sound for convenience (of fitting 10 albums on 1 CD). I'm perosnally not a fan of near-field listening anyway (in-car) plus ambient noise means compression is acceptable.

Well, that's my ten cents......what have others experienced?

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