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Canton's iPod Digital Sound Station
Canton has introduced a high-performance desktop audio system designed specifically for the iPod. The Canton DSS 303 Digital Sound Station brings the company's renowned loudspeaker driver technology and industrial design to a compact and stylish audio system that includes an integrated iPod dock and charger, FM/AM radio, clock, and auxiliary input for a complete desktop audio solution for the bedroom, dorm room, or office.

The DSS 303's high quality loudspeakers are designed and manufactured by Canton with the goal of achieving full dynamic range and extremely linear frequency response from 38 Hz to 25 kHz. The 4-inch aluminum cone woofer has been carefully matched to the enclosure and amplification circuitry to deliver exceptional bass performance and a smooth linear midrange sound. The 1-inch fabric dome tweeter is mounted on-axis with the woofer for optimal transparency and imaging. The internal amplification modules are capable of delivering up to 50 watts of power to each channel.

The Canton DSS 303 carries Apple's "Made for iPod®" certification, and includes seven different adapters for nearly every iPod made that includes a docking connection. A 3.5mm rear-panel line-in connection is included to accommodate other players, such as the iPod shuffle, or those from other manufacturers. Additionally, the system features a rear panel USB port that can be connected to a PC to allow all synchronization and download functions to be performed with the iPod in the DSS 303 cradle.

The Canton DSS 303 includes a high quality FM/AM tuner section, and a full-featured clock, along with sleep and wake-up alarm functions. It is available in high gloss white and black finishes that are matched to the finish of most iPod models. It features a discrete set of front panel controls, as well as a full-feature credit-card remote for control of the system as well as basic iPod functions. It has a suggested retail price of $499.

kennyt 03-27-2008 07:06 PM

Re: Canton's iPod Digital Sound Station
I got a chance to hear this @ CEDIA last year and it sounded great and had really good bass output for such a small unit. The remote has an LCD screen that really allows it to be small and highly versatile.

TheMoose 03-29-2008 04:30 PM

Re: Canton's iPod Digital Sound Station
I personally haven't seen a need for something like this, I haven't even gotten the iPod dock for my Denon AVR.

I listen to my iPod when I'm driving using the USP connection on my truck radio or using ear buds while I'm mowing the yard.
When I'm home listening to music I can just stream it from my Computer thru the Denon.

I'm sure they appeal to a lot of people since there is thousands of different ones made.

I guess something like this would work in my shop (but not at $499) but it would have to be tough enough to withstand the conditions in there, from hot to cold, dust & lots of electrical interference with the equipment running.
Right now I just have a DeWalt work site radio out there.

deacongreg 03-31-2008 04:14 PM

Re: Canton's iPod Digital Sound Station
Sounds another great product from Canton. Seems like we need a review. To see how it stacks up against the competition. And the Meridian F80.

keenyt, maybe you could shed some light on this, since I believe you have heard both?

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