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Olive Introduces New Digital Audio System - OPUS Nș5
Music and design have always been closely related, now Olive and Karim have come together to take the aesthetics of music to another level. Olive has contributed its OPUS Nș5 player, an award-winning digital audio player known for exceptional sound quality, while Karim has added his very special and uplifting philosophy and design, even adding some of his own music.

"Music is fluid, music is movement, music is sexy. Music is fun, embracing, mnemonic, liberating, emotive, experiential, memorable, and abstract" explains Karim. "So, for the new Opus Nș5, I designed four unique digital graphics patterns symbolic of our corybantic digital age. Omni-directional like sound, the patterns emphasize the 'voluminous' beats that radiate from music. The repeated elements are symbolic of binary notation enveloping a perfect container of sound."

The Opus Nș5 Karim Rashid edition is an amazing blend of technology and creativity. The vibrant patterns and colorful elements are as unique as the technology that enables the award-wining sound quality. "Working with Karim has opened our minds to so much more of what music can be" says Olive's CEO Oliver Bergmann, "suddenly, sound has become visual and the result is an incredible new way of thinking about the way music and design interact."

Music sets a mood. And so does design. By blending the two in such a dynamic fashion, Olive and Karim are creating a whole new way for people to express their individual personality and aesthetic sensibilities. "Music has always been an essential emotional source of design inspiration for me. It is a beautiful phenomenom that I can put my 2200 CD's in this micro architecture at full digital one-to-one" Karim adds. "That is the brilliance of the new brand of Olive - a sound architecture that navigates seamlessly and pleasurably, stimulating our senses and our ever-vast new experiences." The Karim Rashid edition, along with the other Olive Nș3 and Nș5 product lines, is available exclusively through the Olive website:

deacongreg 12-13-2007 10:11 AM

Re: Olive Introduces New Digital Audio System - OPUS Nș5
I just visited the site after reading about the Opus on A very versatile and flexible unit. Does anyone have prior experience with their products as far as the quality of sound? And, if all their options and features work neatly and seamlessly together.
The preload feature is amazing. That Opus would take full delivery of your CD collection, import them into the Opus, send it back to you for free. Takes any guess work out of it. Pretty amazing to me.

What does the Opus No.5 cost?

J.J. 12-15-2007 02:37 PM

Re: Olive Introduces New Digital Audio System - OPUS Nș5
$4k for the 750 GB model. It will hold about 1200 CD's uncompressed. Supposed to be one of the best sounding servers available and easy to use.

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