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wsarfo83 12-21-2010 07:52 AM

Movielocker Launches State of the Art HD Video Delivery Platform
Boncourt, Switzerland (December 14, 2010) After a successful beta phase, Swiss-based Movielocker SA will officially launch a new integrated HD enabled online video platform next Monday. Targeting a global generation of independent filmmakers and semi-professionals, as well as niche content video producers, the company offers a platform that allows the hosting and streaming of HD content, a state of the art payment gateway and 2 step licensing. Movielocker joins an exclusive group of companies that is catering to a booming market where digital video clips are made available for sale directly by the producer.

"The future belongs to the Indies", as Jon Landau (Titanic) quoted recently.

"Everyone already recognizes that the user generated video market is essentially the world's largest market for free goods, but quality videos will very quickly transform this into the largest movie market in the world," said Mai-Anh Demottaz, spokeswoman for the company. “The mystery for the movie industry, however, has been how to monetize this market, and for independent filmmakers, how to reach it. Today, Movielocker delivers a streamlined solution that opens a significant new video market to the rest of the world."

A strategic alliance with the George Eastman House to distribute their archive is far beyond “a stroke of luck”. Movielocker also won over legendary independent filmmaker Jonas Mekas as one of the first supporters of their services. Mekas says: "Get a camera and start filming!" To cement its goal to support the independent film community, Movielocker was essential in bringing The George Eastman House to the table to honor Jonas Mekas with an honorary scholar award at a special award ceremony in April 2011.

A first in the market, the Movielocker service does not require any up¬front costs and is backed up by a three layer pricing model.

"We will promote independent films and videos to the worldwide market of movie lovers, who still have an enormous appetite and passion for movies. Their appreciation of this new groundswell of indie movies will lead to significant sales for any kind of filmmakers. Therefore, I believe Movielocker is the fastest and most effective sales channel for filmmakers ever" said Dmitry Volobuev, Movielocker’s Co-founder.

Online video viewing is more ubiquitous than ever. "We reach 80% of US Hispanic households with quality broadcast programs," said Esteban Lopez Blanco, VP of Interactive at LATV Networks. "We know the worldwide online video market will reach 20 billion dollars in a couple of years. To capture our share of that market profitably, we need more digital distribution than ads alone."

Movielocker plans to expand its reach into viral promotion and marketing of videos online.

About Movielocker
Movielocker is comprised of a dedicated team of movie industry professionals and tech developers with a long history in the indie and major film community. Founded in 2009, Movielocker SA is based in Boncourt, Switzerland.Visit movielocker for more information
Eric de Fontenay
ecfont at musicdish dot net

chelsideren 02-07-2011 11:32 PM

Re: Movielocker Launches State of the Art HD Video Delivery Platform
great post weldon very informative

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