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Default What is the Best Video Card (Gaming, HT, Both)?

If I were building a HTPC that I would also be using for Gaming which would be the best all round video card for the two? Something that could handle HD-DVD playback and higher end game graphics and MORPG's etc.

I just upgraded my PC (well built a whole new one) and as part of it I bought the ATI HD2900XT. Does anyone else own this card? I have an issue with the card where it will not pixel map to my HP Pavilion 65" MD6580N Via HDMI.

It recognizes the TV and 1080p is selectable as a resolution but the picture is windowed on the screen with a 4-5 inch black border all around. Component connection has the same effect.

The TV says it is getting 1080p as well. I have an older Radeon 9600 Atlantis 256mb that works just fine with the TV. I also took the newly built system back to the store where we connected it to another 1080p TV/Monitor and it exhibited the same windowing effect.

Do I just have a wonky card or is this a problem with all of them? I can't see how this could possibly get by QA testing.

My setup is basically listed in my profile, but in summary I have Windows Vista Ultimate, Intel 975xbx board, Intel Duo 2.44 CPU, 4 GB ram, 2x500 SATA raid and the ATI HD 2900xt.

I still have about 3 weeks to return the card, but I am not sure if I should get another 2900 or try the nVidia 8800 series card. I need HDCP with they both have.

Visiontek will RMA the card, and I am still waiting for further words of wisdom from AMD ATI support. So far their sole contribution has been to delete and reinstall with the latest drivers. I tried this to no effect even though when I built the system I ignored the included drivers and went right to the Web for the latest.

Anyone have any ideas or what might be wrong with the card and/or suggestions for the best card to have in any case.


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Default Re: What is the Best Video Card (Gaming, HT, Both)?

The best card right now is the 8800 ultra series, but I do not know if it would be the best for your set up. Nvidia just recently anounced that they would be lowering their prices here very soon.
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