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Robinson_A 05-25-2007 09:55 AM

Price vs. Performance
With companies such as Paradigm and Definitive Technology (and a few others) doing such a good job providing the consumer with truly reference grade sound at affordable prices are the higher end brands at risk of becoming obsolete or do they still set the benchmarks for others to aspire to?

What would you say is the best overall speaker out there today?

What do you consider most when purchasing a speaker system?


kennyt 05-25-2007 10:31 AM

Re: Price vs. Performance
I doubt they will put the super highh end companies out as there always will be someone willing to spend any amount... I'm certain there are some who try to spend more and would pass on cheaper, better products just to brag how much they spent!

JerryDelColliano 05-28-2007 08:48 PM

Re: Price vs. Performance
People always want what is better.

I personally love the lower end speakers from the likes of Paradigm, Defnitve, B&W and others but everyone needs somewhere to upgrade too and when you look at some B&W 802d's or WATT Puppy 8's or new Revel Salon 2's - you get that same twinge that you get at the Ferrari dealer. You want them and you might not even know why fully. In fact, if you are like me - you start conceiving of ways to GET THEM even if its not in the best interest of your investment account. Call me an addict if you must. I will take you abuse with a smile on my face.

Robinson_A 05-29-2007 09:20 AM

Re: Price vs. Performance
I think your comment Jerry is a valid one and also begs another issue. While I personally love B&W's 802d loudspeakers and have been a fan of uber brand Wilson Audio for some time, is it their price that keeps them exclusive? Take for instance my reference Paradigm S8's which deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with the likes of the 802d's and Watt Puppies, however, because they're Paradigm they are often looked at as terrific values or performance for the money speakers unlike Wilson's or high dollar B&W's. How much does a speaker's price play into our perceived level of ultimate performance? Look at Usher Loudspeakers or even Gallo, again two brands that are simply stellar in every way from looks to sound yet don't quite garnish the Ferrari like mystique quite the same way as Wilson, Avalon, etc etc. If Wilson and the like are the Ferrari's of the loudspeaker world then are brands like Paradigm, Definitive, Usher and Gallo the Mercedes AMG's? Just as good, just not Ferrari? I'm not sure there is a clear answer, but it's interesting never the less.

kennyt 05-29-2007 10:59 AM

Re: Price vs. Performance
I can see your point Andrew, but owning an AMG Benz, I still crave for a Ferrari.......

Robinson_A 05-29-2007 11:24 AM

Re: Price vs. Performance
Me too.

I guess the debate rages on.


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