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Default Re: Price vs. Performance

I actually was born in Hartford, CT, but spent most of my life in Rockville, MD area. It is there where I trained my ear for quality audio. I would often go to the HiFi shows in Washington, D.C.. I moved to Omaha, NE in 1975 to attend Creighton University and lived in Omaha until I met and married my wife from Harlan, IA. We tried Harlan for awhile but the commute to Omaha was a killer. We moved to Council Bluffs in 1994 and my wife discovered that I had relatives in Council Bluffs that I didn't even know existed. In a round about way, I have returned to my roots where my ancestors came from. I found a large burial plot in Grand Island, NE. We now live in a new house in the hills of Council Bluffs just off North Broadway street. I know SAC well. The area has really developed, although south Omaha has changed to a thriving Hispanic community. Council Bluffs has also developed with 3 Casinos pouring lots of money into the area. All of the Nebraskan's cross the river and gamble away. Since I have lived in both NE and IA, the Omaha / Council Bluffs area seems like one big city to me.
Thanks for your feedback.
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Smile Re: Price vs. Performance

Congratulations jcool on your purchase. Buying speakers is an experience, as you are well aware. Deciding between quality of sound, wallet, room acoustics, etc. But one of the many benefits of todays technology is the trickle down effect.
Which does allow more consumers to acheive a high level of sound, at a price they can part with. So, enjoy your music, for ultimately that is what its about. To get to that place of music euphoria!!
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Thumbs up Re: Price vs. Performance

G man, I agree with. A rewiewer should be able and want to tell you what gear, esoteric or other wise, how it performs, and value per dollar. That is what is great about They will give you reviews from Mark Levinson amplifiers, to the new Yamaha receiver they just reviewed!! You should check it out.

As far as exotic cars go, not all of us own one, but we just have a love for cars. They seem to go hand in hand. My favorite for a while now is the Mercedes SL65 AMG hard top convertible. I do not own one, but.............................
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Talking Re: Price vs. Performance

It is indeed interesting to see how each and every one of us views what
matters the most to us in our listening environments.Take me,my prioroty is
to shut the lights off after the kids and wife are asleep and just unwind to
the tunes I enjoy.The realism of "being there" is special to me.My search for
now has led me to the ID's,but there are many other excellent manufacturers
out there.
In my profession of professionly installing musical surround
as I like to call it,I have encountered many pretenders and many exceptional
transducers.Indeed,many has been the time I've come home from work and
longingly thought of those new 20-40k speakers I just installed with kilobuck
electronics.But,when I start up my modest system,H-K AVR325w Signature
PA2100 stereo amp,OnkyoDX7555 cd player,Source TechnologyHRS,Marantz
DV4300dvd player,Ixos cables,and a Samsung HD870 upconvert dvdplayer I
realize that music nirvana doesn't have to be the latest and greatest for one
to derive great pleasure from.So for you new to this great hobby of ours dont
get caught up in the manufacturing hype but use your own ears and remember what your budget can afford and if you are smart in your choices
you too can come home from work and be transported to the event you are
listening to
P.S.-DONT forget a good Power Conditioner.I use Pure AVF9A1033-12,inexspensive but does the trick-many other good units abound but be aware and Dont overpay and overbelieve.
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Default Re: Price vs. Performance


You have hit it on the head. I do have an all out assault on HT, but still enjoy my bedroom system. Money does not dictate sonics, though it does help!

Ken Taraszka, MD
Associate Editor
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Smile Re: Price vs. Performance

Yes, review, check out, and listen. After all, it is about the music and the experience you receive.
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