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Loudspeakers No single component in your rig impacts your sound more. Discuss anything and everything about speakers here.

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Talking Re: Price vs. Performance

[QUOTE=Robinson_A;494]yes but if I have a $20K source and play them through a Sony boombox's speakers you have to agree that the cheap speakers are impacting the sound more than the player. No source can make bad speakers sound good. Where as there are speakers that make even bad sources sound palpable.

I see your argument and understand and even agree with your point. However, speakers do play a large part in your systems overall sound.

I would argue that more than speakers or your source, it's your listening environment that is going to make the most difference in your overall sound. I agree and disagree with the above statement that having been a Cedia installer for over 10 yrs,you can compensate for poor room acoustics but cannot make up for loudspeaker deficiencies.Induction Dynamics,a small loudspeaker company out of Kansas makes some of the most involving speakers I have ever heard and they are absolutely tolerant of most any listening environment you can put them into.They aren't the most inexspensive speakers around ,but oh how they sing no matter the room.
Paul Polackin/QUOTE]

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Default Re: Price vs. Performance

While it can be a chicken or egg argument I will agree with those that say Speakers are the most important part of your system.

When I bought my Paradigms in 1994 I paid as much or more for them as I did my Sony ES receiver & CD player.
New technology has long since made the receiver & CD player obsolete, in fact I've been through 2 other CD players & 4 other receivers but am still using the same Paradigms, and with each new source they sounded better & better.
I have a spot in my rack ready for a new HDMI 1.3 receiver as soon as one is released that meets my needs & I'm sure the Paradigms will be ready for the new source!!

I am saving $$$$ for new speakers (Paradigm Studio v4's) & will use the same logic that worked so well before & I'm sure they will last another 14 years.
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Default Re: Price vs. Performance

Having gone through the pains of chasing the Holy Grail of Speakerdom, I believe that speakers must be critiqued in context of their environment. I have to agree with Paul, owners can not discount or underestimate the influence of room anechoics on speaker performance.
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Default Re: Price vs. Performance

Check out the new Onkyo series due out July-August.HHMI 1.3 spec.Denon is
not far behind with their CI series,short for custom install.Paul
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Cool Re: Price vs. Performance

I have read a lot of the messages here and find the usual broad spectrum of people. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to also find a broad spectrum of quality audio equipment which brings forth everyone searching for the Holy Grail. I have searched long and hard for quality equipment as I change due to moving or marriage.
My latest search was for a pair of speakers in my 2.1 system. I had the old Magnepans that were 6' tall but had to downsize when we moved to an apartment and have had a pair of Boston Acoustic 2 way bookshelf speakers for 12 years before I blew out both at the same time.
My wife does not understand spending more than $200 for anything, so my mission was difficult. I listened to many speakers and finally realized that I loved the B&W sound. Unfortunately, my years of listening in many sound environments had trained my ear to be able to identify levels of quality and that often brought the price to a range beyond my reach. After listening to the range of B&W speakers I found trickle down technology in the new CM7's. The FST midrange only found in the higher costing units could be found in this "wolf in sheep's clothing" speaker that listed at $1,800 for the pair. I walked away from the demo and could not get the smoothness of the sound out of my head and bought the speakers even though the color was not my preferred choice (rosenut). I was able to get them on sale at $1,500, along with the beginning MIT Bi-Wire set up and I am very happy. I highly recommend the B&W CM7 speakers as my choice for best price for performance in the speaker line for those that cannot afford the higher end units. Sure, I would love to get the 800 series speakers from B&W, but I would then lose my wife.
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Default Re: Price vs. Performance

The CM series from B&W remains one of my all time favorite speaker designs, not just for B&W. Good call and a good purchase. You clearly found the right balance between price and performance. Enjoy and welcome aboard.

P.S. Which part of Council Bluffs are you from? I grew up around that area near SAC Air Force Base.
Andrew Robinson

Managing Editor
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