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Thumbs up Re: Price vs. Performance

Interesting issue this price vs. performance. Andrew, I love the SL55 and 65AMG Benz. That is my dream car. Jerry knows this. Which AMG do you have? At 604HP, who needs a Ferrari Kenny T.
I have never really been into Ferrari. If I had to go another route, it would definitely be a Lambo Gallardo. Much sleeker and hotter looking, a real exotic. But, Audi with the new R8, look out!
Kenny t, I had the opportunity to hear the Wison Watt Puppy 8`s, at HE2007 show a few weeks ago at the Grand Hyatt Regency Hotel. Now I grant you that show conditions are not the best way to hear equipment, but, they sounded good. Enough to want to hear them under better real world conditions. I`ve always admired their build, craftmanship and attention to detail.
While Jerry is right, that their must be an upgrade path, $28,000 is a lot, in my opinion. And with this, I believe as you go higher, you reach a point of diminishing returns for the amount of your investmment. I heard the Paradigms with Anthem electronics a year ago, full surround set - up, and they sounded great.
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Smile Re: Price vs. Performance

Gentlemen, was just thinking about this whole price vs. performance, what do you all think about the new Krell electronics? Definitely priced to the rafters!!

Whadda you think??!
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Default Re: Price vs. Performance

While this is not intended to be a performance car forum, I would have to agree that the SL 65 is an amazing car, one I would be more than happy to own. I'd still want a Ferrari though as Ferrari represents more of a boyhood fantasy realized then just a performance car. I guess in that way it's no different than a pair of Wilson Audio Watt Puppies. Or Maxx's.

I currently own an Mercedes SLK but have been researching and somewhat shopping for a used Ferrari 355.

As far as Krell gear goes, the latest crop of cost no object products out of Krell are amazing. Again, you can get a lot of the Krell performance for less but you can't get THE Krell performance for anything but Krell prices. If you have the funds Krell makes a wonderful product.

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Default Re: Price vs. Performance

OK, to continue... The SL65 is AMAZINGLY HEAVY and will never even in it's most tricked out state handle close to the current Ferrari's. As for the Lambo's, a good buddy has a 2004.5 Merc, unbeleivable performance, but I realized after he bought it he didn't, in my mind, have the funds to truly own that car. To me, you must be able to pay someone to flatbed it to the track of your choice, where no insurance will cover you, and IF you put it into a wall and crack the tub, get out and say 'Oh well' and move on. Until I have that kind of money I doubt I'd go the Lambo route. The R8 is OK, but wait for next year when the Gallardo motor comes out in it. As for me, I'll keep my 2002 CLK 55 Cab for now.

For speakers, I too heard the WP 8's in several rooms @ HE2007, though a great speaker, I really only adored them in the Lamm room... Now the Nagra Verity room was exceptional though the motor noise of the Nagra CD player opening and closing was pathetic but the sound truly rivaled the best analog rigs I've heard. If you want to go for the cheap, the DCM room was showing a system of their speakers and Jolida tube anp and CD player that for the sub $3K price complete was truly the bargain leader of the show. While a little soft in the bass and not the best in resolution, they offered smooth highs and rich mids for less than the cost of some interconnects!!

I love my high end gear, and likely will ever downgrade my main rig any time soon (upgrades....always!) but I find the less expensive gear to be narrowing the gap in performance.
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Default Re: Price vs. Performance

Kenny, when I own one, I was never really thinking on taking the SL to the track. Long trips on highways will be good enough for me, bypassing the state trooper. If only you could test drive both before purchase!!
Don`t get me wrong, I love high end equipment, however, if you ever could get the high end vs. the esoteric gear for one on one testing, I believe there is some high end gear that could match the esoteric. And that would help draw more people to the next level. At the end of my day, its quality and performance first, prestige of ownership second. That is true for me with cars also. Andrew, I hope you find your vehicle. And as you said earlier, I guess the argument goes on!!
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Default AMG

My buddy Tim just got an SL 65 last week. No need for a Ferrari now.
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