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TseriiK 09-30-2007 11:40 AM

BOSE = box only sound extra
BOSE blows and thats a fact. There all marketing and thats it. I just want to know how other people feel about the industries bigest joke.

"If some one who had just tv speakers herd the bose 321 system they would be blown away." Gee you think.

bryan562 10-01-2007 01:55 PM

Re: BOSE = box only sound extra
HA ha, Tseriik, you are a poet and didnt know it. I can see the next ad campaign for a competing speaker company "bose blows"...

How the hell did Bose become such a huge, household name for speakers over companies that make 100x better products. I think it was the fact that they are the only speaker company you see advertising in mainstream media outlets on a consistent basis. Once you win the mindshare of the average housewife (not to sound sexist), you have a position of power. Almost all "big" speakers scare the average housewife so they build up in their minds that if they could only get "big sound from small speakers" then they would be willing to deal with having a speaker system in their living room.

The problem is that many people dont take the time to reasearch other makers of small speakers. They know the bose name, they heard that they were in Mercedes cars and they just end up ordering them without doing any research.

TseriiK 10-04-2007 10:29 AM

Re: BOSE = box only sound extra
yea if they actualy did some thinking they would also realize that the bose factory car audio systems blow to. Yea they might sound better than most factory car audio systems, but who cares thats nothing to brag about. Thats just like saying your the smartest kid with downsindrum.

Silver Supra 10-04-2007 12:43 PM

Re: BOSE = box only sound extra
You know.. I honestly don't think BOSE is that bad.

No their systems aren't fantastic, but they aren't as bad as everyone
likes to say they are.

Are they over-priced? That depends on the buyer and considering
how many they sell, I can only conclude that they are not.

I will agree with you about the line -
"If some one who had just tv speakers herd the bose 321 system they would be blown away."

I laugh everytime I hear it on TV.

Robinson_A 10-04-2007 03:19 PM

Re: BOSE = box only sound extra
All highs no lows it must be Bose.

Bose sucks out loud. Bose succeeds because it has done something no other brand has done and that's appeal to WOMEN. Men who want a home theater yet allow their decisions to be dictated by their other half buy Bose because it's what their wives or girlfriends will allow. I'm not trying to be sexist but market research has shown this time and time again. For this they must be given their due however, no other brand has so feverishly attacked the press than Bose. They sue anyone who has the knowledgeable that they are not the best. They even win these stupid lawsuits. How one can win a law suit over an opinion is beyond me but they do.

Furthermore, no other brand (that I can think of) spends more on advertising than Bose. However, Bose spends their money on pubs and television commercials outside of the consumer electronics mainstream. Again, this ploy is brilliant. Bose doesn't look for its customer base to be knowledgeable enthusiasts, they want every day folk which is their bread and butter. Again, genius. However, other brands have started to take note and have modified their approaches to match and have stolen market share away from the once untouchable Bose. Until recently Bose was "to good" to be sold in Best Buy stores however, with their brand equity taking a hit in the face of other lifestyle type products they began to adapt.

Bose has always adapted to the market, for better or worse, yet has kept their products and pricing intact which only helps to aide their appearance of a quality product. You will never see a Bose product on sale. They simply do not allow it. While not the most expensive hi-fi products out there, their steadfastness creates an aura of exclusivity and prestige. There is no arguing that they are one of the most successful hi-fi brands still going which is quite impressive seeing as how badly they blow.

kennyt 10-04-2007 04:07 PM

Re: BOSE = box only sound extra
I am with you Andrew, I have only ever owned one Bose system, and unfortunately it is in my 2002 CLK 55 Cab. Total POS. I traded in a Saab on that car that had a Harmon Kardon system and it blew the Bose out of the water, air, or I guess more appropriately off the road!

They do have a great business model and I can't fault them for that.

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