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RBH Sound Debuts World's First In-wall Speakers With Linear Array Technology
RBH Sound, a manufacturer of high performance audio products, will unveil to CEDIA Expo attendees this week in Denver, Colorado, a prototype of the SI-250, the world’s first in-wall speaker to incorporate Linear Array Transducer technology. The new prototype will be shown in RBH Sound’s CEDIA Expo booth 180.

The Signature In-wall SI-250 incorporates a 1-inch soft dome tweeter, a 2∏-inch mid-range and a patented Linear Array Transducer (LAT) as the in-wall’s woofer. The LAT woofer is among the most significant breakthroughs in woofer technology since conventional audio transducers; it is designed to provide high amounts of bass output from a very small environment, a feature highly preferred by décor conscious listeners.

“We’ve had to be pretty creative to find ways of improving performance while reducing physical size,” said RBH Sound’s VP of Engineering, Shane Rich. “Typically, smaller speakers aren’t capable of reproducing the lower frequencies needed for high quality sound. However, the LAT woofer proves this stereotype isn’t always correct; the LAT woofer is small, versatile, and has created numerous possibilities that haven’t existed until now. Even though we’re pretty familiar with this technology, there are still a couple of kinks to work out before we’ll be able to take the SI-250 to market. We’re excited to see just how much performance we can extract from this technology.”

Despite its smaller size, the SI-250’s LAT woofer has the capability of sustained output levels in excess of 100 dB SPL! Combining this low frequency performance with the high-fidelity of the 1-inch tweeter and 2∏-inch mid-range, the SI-250 promises to be a fantastic in-wall speaker for home theaters and listening rooms where wall space is at a premium.

The suggested retail price of the SI-250 has not been set, and its predicted availability is 1st quarter, 2008.

JerryDelColliano 09-12-2007 08:41 AM

Re: RBH Sound Debuts World's First In-wall Speakers With Linear Array Technology
I saw these at CEDIA and they looked GOOD!!!

I love RBH speakers. Their limited edition towers were SHOCKINGLY good at CES but people sometimes forget they have a HUGE range of other speakers for in-wall, on-wall and smaller systems.

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