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Robinson_A 08-14-2007 08:06 AM

Anyone have any experience with Soliloquy
A couple of years back I came into a pair of Soliloquy bookshelf speakers. I had never heard of the brand at the time and was quite surprised at how good they were. The stands (sold seperately) were genius and ammong the best I've ever seen to this day as was the fit and finish. Shortly after I bought them I managed to see a few things here and there about Soliloquy in various print mags and such but then the well dried up.

Do any of you out there know of or own Soliloquy speakers? Are they worth an AVRev review? Thoughts?

scb6 08-17-2007 05:57 AM

Re: Anyone have any experience with Soliloquy
I think they went out of business. I own their S-10 subwoofer and have been pleased with it. I wanted a good sounding sub in Birds Eye Maple to match my Aerial 7Bs, but couldn't afford the Aerial sub.

JerryDelColliano 08-17-2007 08:24 AM

Re: Anyone have any experience with Soliloquy
I sold a brand of speakers by that name at Sasafras is Bryn Mawr (not to be confused with Bryn Marw Stereo) back in the very early 1990's. They had bookshelf speakers but more floorstanding models.

The sounded very good but compared to Defintive Technology, a new line at the time with more margin and a more saleable pricepoint - it was a no-brainer for most clients what to buy.

jawhn 08-18-2007 02:17 PM

Re: Anyone have any experience with Soliloquy
A few years back I listened to some at a specialty shop (basement of a home) near Atlanta, GA. He had about $250,000 worth of speakers and the Soliloquy's were one of the best sounding speakers he had. I had not heard of them before or since.

wcb007 12-31-2007 07:17 PM

Re: Anyone have any experience with Soliloquy
yes I have Soliloquy speakers. I have 6.3's as front main, 5.3's as rears, s10i subwoofer and c3i center. The company split up and one of the owners still sells some direct from north carolina, the last I heard. you can still find some every now and then, great speakers

paulphoosreal 01-25-2008 03:45 PM

Re: Anyone have any experience with Soliloquy
Andrew I have installed and owned Soliloquy 5.3's and 5.0's.When they first came out their fit and finish,along with meeting specs were excellent.They fell on hard times in approx 2002 and subsequently their sound and cabinetry suffered.If you can find a pair that looks well put together and meets your sound expectations you will have a speaker for a long time.Beware,they do have a tendency to sound bright and strident and careful equipt matching is necessary.They used a custom sourced tweeter out of Taiwan in early production and it was very good,after tough times set in,production was sourced to ?The
later models were designed by Phil Jones.6.3,etc and were decent enough,but quickly started suffering from the same problems as the aforementioned when sales didn't match projections and then they started selling direct and then they were Gone!Good luck in finding a good pair

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