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momeara001 09-26-2009 11:18 PM

Help. Need replacement speakers and decision
I used to have a nice surround system--the POLK RM6200. It was a good bass, nice center speaker RM1600, and four good satellites RM1300. When I sold my house, I left my speakers in the ceiling (purposefully, as the new buyer wanted them). I took the bass and the center channel, as they weren't part of the deal.

I'm stuck in analysis paralysis. My dilemma is that for the past three years, I've only had the center channel and bass hooked into my DENON AVR-3802. It is hard to listen to music or movies with only the bass and the center speaker. I don't intend to get four surround sound speakers set up, as my house is very old and I'm kinda too cheap to chop into the ceiling to run speaker wire across the room for back speakers. So I'm setting my sites on two more speakers to add to the POLK bass and center speaker.

Should I go with two bookshelf speakers to complement the center and base, or stick to getting two satellite speakers? Any recommendations? I'm looking to spend < $300. Are wireless back speakers any good nowadays (obviously they are more expensive than I'm hoping to spend)?

rbinck 09-27-2009 12:55 PM

Re: Help. Need replacement speakers and decision
If it were me I'd get two front speakers that closely match your center channel speaker first. Wireless speakers could be an option for surround if you watch a lot of movies, but they won't do a lot for music anyway. They could be added later.

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