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mcroachy 05-25-2009 03:23 AM

RARE SONY APM-100 SPEAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey everyone!!! i have just bought a pair of extremely rare Sony ACCURATE PISTONIC MOTION (APM) 100 SERIES speakers, which are in excellent condition judging by very detailed photos of them. i have a heard the sound of these before at a recycling resale store and they sound pretty sweet!!! how ever i left them there cos i had no $$$$ on me and when i went back a couple of days later they were gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but now thanks to the magic of ebay and the idiot owner selling them for only $20 when i reckon they are worth more than that lol! I now will be owning a pair. will be picking them up from posties tomorow.

so if anyone who has any useful information or general comments about them good or bad, please feel free to fill my ignorant cranium with them.

cheers Nick

mcroachy 05-25-2009 07:20 PM

Re: RARE SONY APM-100 SPEAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just an update to my post.

i now am in posession of them, and after a trial run with a variety of music played through them i reckon they handled pretty well and sound clear as a bell and bassy as anything. they for sure have impressed me for the sheer size of them being only 260mm(H)150mm(W)220mm(D)!

the one and only let down with them was that where the removeable grill sits over the two bass ports covering them with their own plastic port extentions; they had a tendency to make an irritating "brrr brrr" noise when the bass was passed a certain level. But when removed from the speaker box there is nothing of the sort. so basically the grill is the let down of this speakers design.

they overall, like i said in my post are in immaculate condition :D! the rubber surrounds on the woofers are prestine, with no tears or holes. plus the cabinets are beautiful, except for the left speaker, which sports a few white paint specks. No doubt from the blokes garage or something.

mcroachy 06-30-2009 01:27 AM

Re: RARE SONY APM-100 SPEAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey there "MOVIE CHAIRS" just varyfying here. cos of my post, is that how you managed to find a pair of these wierd square woofers????????

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