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snoopy1020 01-11-2009 08:02 PM

Vienna Acoustics owners
Any Vienna Acoustics owners out there wish to discuss what they think about these beauties? I currently own the Maestro Grand center channel and one Haydn Grand currently used for back left channel. I can't wait to purchase a set of Mozart Grands for front left and rights. Currently suffering with a set of Infinity IL 40's for the fronts in conjunction with IL120s subwoofer. The Maestro really excels as a center and surprisingly blends alright with the Infinity speakers for movies. Looking forward to hearing from owners who have a full 5.1 Vienna Acoustics system. Thanks

JohnB 01-13-2009 05:01 PM

Re: Vienna Acoustics owners
I have been running a set of the older Vienna Acoustics for about 6 years now, Beethoven's and a Maestro up front and Haydn's for the rear (before moving had 2 sets of the Haydn's in the rear). Beautiful speakers with beautiful sound. That being said, I've been struggle with them after changing out some electronics and moving to a new place. I've found the dialog to be harder to understand when watching movies, possibly because I moved from a house where I could play things louder in to an apartment where I have to be careful with the noise. The old electronics where an Anthem AVM 20 with a Sunfire Signature Grand amp, I switched to a Denon receiver and am now running an Integra DTC 9.8 with an Arcam amp. I guess I should also say the center channel went from atop a rear-projection TV (titled slightly down) to under an flat panel TV in an A/V rack - that could also be contributing to the dialog problem. I do love these things for music (which is run mostly from a Mac Mini), that love affair hasn't ended! It is just with movies that I'm struggling.

I'm still experimenting with things to try and bring them back to life for movies. Don't take this as saying I'm unhappy with the speakers, they are amazing - beautiful sounding and beautifully made, work well with jazz and rock, really couldn't ask for much more.

bicyclerider 01-13-2009 05:42 PM

Re: Vienna Acoustics owners
I've had a pair of (older style) Beethovens for 9 years now and absolutely love them. When I finally made the move to a 5.1 system three years ago the Beethovens became the front pair, I found a matching Maestro for the center and a used pair of Bachs for the surrounds. A great sounding speaker system if I do say so! My listening area has lots of problems acousticly and I've found the Vienna speakers to be quite forgiving in that regard. My listening tastes run towards classical and acoustic Jazz and that is where I think the Viennas excel. Also they are beautifully finished which helps with spousal approval.

snoopy1020 01-13-2009 06:20 PM

Re: Vienna Acoustics owners
My center channel Maestro is currently resting on a wall mounted shelf that places it just above and setback behind my Sony 60" KDS-60A200 rear projection TV. So far it fills the room and gives a room filling sound that I believe is due to the fact it is mounted up high. I wish I could have it rest below the TV and angle up to help align the tweeter better. I believe it sounds really great but I do find I have to turn the volume fairly high on some movie soundtracks to hear the dialog clearly. It does not sound subdued or muffled, more like the soundtracks on some movies are just quiet. When I turn it up it sounds very clear and natural to me, I have the crossover on my Yamaha RX-V3000 set to large which seems to give the voices more depth and fullness. I am assuming that once I upgrade to a real amplifier that this thing will really come to life. I am wondering to hear the differences between the Bach Grand and Mozart Grand. My room in the basement is 17' wide by 20' deep. My current left and right fronts are Infinty IL40's which have 8" woofer, 5" mid and tweeter at 40" tall.

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